VIDEO: Watch Moshe’s Grassroots story

17 September 2019

VIDEO: Watch Moshe’s Grassroots story

Working your way up in the entertainment industry is a tough challenge. Most of the time, you find yourself receiving a lot of Nos and hardly any Yeses. You have to be resilient – and media personality Moshe Ndiki is a testament to that.

In this exclusive interview, Moshe shares his Grassroots story and how his struggles helped him become the determined hard-worker that he is today.

In the interview, Moshe recalls how his mother had called at university to break the news that she no longer had the funds to pay his tuition, and he would have to return home. Being the optimist that he is, he decided to stay in school and find work to pay his fees.

“I remember after first year, my mother called me and said that there was no more money for me to study and that I should come back home. So I definitely had to look for work.

“I was very different from the kids I went to school with – all they had to do was put all their focus into their school work. I had school work, and a full-time job and I remember my school fees for the year were R44 000, and at the time I was earning R4 500 every month.”

Despite his hardships, Moshe was not about to let his future slip right through his hands. And with a positive mindset coupled with talent and perseverance, Moshe has successfully positioned himself as a household name in the world of South African entertainment.

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