Wanda Baloyi opens up about her aha moment

18 June 2021

Wanda Baloyi opens up about her aha moment

With the way Kelly is enjoying herself in Mozambique, we wouldn’t be surprised if she decided to move to Mozambique for good one day.

But besides enjoying the beautiful scenery, Kelly also engages in a deep and meaningful conversation with Wanda about how she’s been doing since returning to her home country.

Wanda finds herself 

Since arriving home, Wanda has had some time to reflect and be honest about what she really needs at this time in her life.

“After a while, I kinda felt lost in Joburg. You know, Covid-19 gave me a whole different perspective of where I am and I felt such an urgent need to get in touch with myself,” says Wanda.

Wanda also reveals that she was very depressed, which led to a lot of confusion in her life. However, being in Mozambique has made things so clear.

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To conceive or not to conceive

What Wanda appreciates most about being home is the honest conversation she has had with herself about wanting a child.

Wanda has been trying to get pregnant for some time, but unfortunately, she has not been able to conceive.

Being in Mozambique made her realise that she cannot focus on trying to get pregnant because she’s mentally unfit to take on that journey at the moment.

“I need to cleanse my soul and prepare myself so that when I begin to embark on this journey, I’m in a much more peaceful place,” says Wanda.

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