Wanda keeps it real about motherhood and her happiness

9 July 2021

Wanda keeps it real about motherhood and her happiness

Every girl deserves a bestie like Wanda. Although she may have her own issues in life, she always manages to lend an ear and provide support – especially when Kelly needs her the most.

The yearning to be a mother

From the first season, Wanda has always expressed her desire to become a mother. Unfortunately, the journey to motherhood hasn’t been an easy one for the singer.

Conceiving a child has proven to be physically and emotionally taxing on Wanda, but as the strong woman she is, Wanda has taken the challenge in her stride.

Me first

In the recent episodes, Wanda opens up about needing some time away from Johannesburg, hence her trip back to her home country of Mozambique.

The singer/best friend opens up to Kelly about not being mentally okay and her need to de-stress in Mozambique.

In episode 8, Wanda tells Kelly that she believes it’s important that she takes care of her own health before she continues with the process of having a child.

“Having to go and start the whole IVF process needs you to be emotionally and psychologically balanced. Which is something that is still a work in progress,” says Wanda.


The singer feels that it is of utmost importance that she be physically and mentally healthy first, so that her good health can transfer to her child.

“I think it’s important as a parent and as a mother in my case – that if I’m going to bring my child into this world, I should be complete. So that my fullness will transcend into the child. The child will be a reflection of myself,” explains Wanda.

A celebration

Episode 9 is very special as Wanda, Kelly and many of their friends celebrate Wanda’s 40th birthday. It is a well-deserved celebration as Wanda is not only a great friend but a great human in general.

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