WATCH: Zamani Mbatha’s Grassroots story
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27 September 2019

WATCH: Zamani Mbatha’s Grassroots story

You probably know Zamani Mbatha from his role on Mzansi Magic’s youth drama series iSthembiso. Although he has a promising career in acting, the journey that has led him to this point has not been easy.

In this exclusive interview, Zamani recalls how difficult it was to grow up in a single-parent home after the passing of his father. He remembers how he envied his childhood friends who still had father-figures in their lives.

However, it was and still is the strength and presence of his mother that has helped mould Zamani into the man he is today.

“When I was six, my dad passed on, and it hasn’t been very easy for me because I grew up around friends who either had both of their parents alive or their parents were married. But, I’ve always viewed, and I’ve always seen my mom as not only my mother but my dad as well.”

His journey to TV stardom also faced more hurdles: his competing love for soccer. In the end, it’s his acting talents that have made him famous.

Zamani further shares that relocating from KwaZulu-Natal to Johannesburg was not an easy decision to make and it affected him tremendously. But the constant support of his family and his growing belief in himself helped him get through the toughest of times while adjusting to a new environment.

If you love stories about the struggles of building a new life for yourself in a strange place and with unexpected allies, catch Grassroots every Friday at 19:30 on Showmax – new episodes arrive at the same time as they air on 1Magic.

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