What devices can I use?

23 January 2024

What devices can I use?

Your Showmax subscription lets you watch on two devices at the same time.

There are many ways to enjoy Showmax, from using your big screen at home to your mobile phone. Subscribe to Showmax Entertainment to stream on any available device, or choose Showmax Entertainment Mobile to stream on one mobile device.

Showmax Entertainment is available on a variety of devices, including laptops and computers through your web browser; mobile devices; Android and Apple TVs; smart TVs with compatible software; Chromecast; Explora Ultra and Streama and certain gaming consoles.

For the updated list, go to the Showmax website.

Pro tip: if you don’t have a Smart TV  connect your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable for that big screen experience. Have an older device? Find more ways to connect.

How do I watch Showmax on two devices at once?

Keep the peace in your home by letting your kids watch cartoons on your tablet while you watch your series on the big TV – all on the same Showmax Entertainment subscription.

Note that if you have a Showmax Mobile or Showmax Premier League subscription, you will only be able to watch Showmax on one mobile device.

How the multiple devices feature on Showmax works

Using a single Showmax Entertainment subscription, two different shows can be streamed on two different devices simultaneously.

This means you only pay for one subscription, but two members of your family can use it at once, on different devices, in different rooms, or in totally different locations, to watch two different shows.

A single Showmax subscription can be accessed on up to five devices – for example, your smart TV, your laptop, your tablet, your mobile phone, and that old tablet of yours that is now used by your kids. All of these can carry the Showmax app (except your laptop or PC, which uses the web browser) for the Showmax subscription that’s in your name, at no extra charge.

One thing to note is that streaming on two different devices will use double the amount of data, and thus double your data costs, but some would say this is a small price to pay for the hours of peace and family harmony you’ll be getting. (Read on for tips on how to keep your data costs low while using multiple devices.)

How to access Showmax Entertainment on multiple devices

  1. Sign up for Showmax if you haven’t already. It’s so quick and easy.
  2. Download the Showmax app for free for iOS or Android on your smartphone, tablet or smart TV.
  3. Sign into your Showmax account in the app on your smartphone, tablet or smart TV, and in the web browser on your PC on the Showmax website.
  4. Search for the shows your children love most, or browse the Showmax Kids’ section in the app on your tablet.
  5. Hit Play on the chosen episode, and give your kids the tablet.
  6. Kick back on the couch and browse the series, movies and documentaries available for you to stream on your smart TV or smartphone at the same time.

For more technical information, check out the Showmax website Help section.

Original African stories by local talent

Nilichoma on Showmax


The Kenyan Showmax Original docuseries features celebs who received an unexpected windfall, and then blew it all. Premiering on 28 May 2024.

/images/ke.svgMade in Kenya
Melissa de Vries as Frieda and Lee-Ann van Rooi as Suzette in Mince Jou Hare

Mince Jou Hare S1

Shimmy Isaacs’s laugh-out-loud sitcom about a factory worker who opens a hair salon in her home is streaming on Showmax, with new episodes on Mondays.

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
Untying Kantai on Showmax

Untying Kantai

Untying Kantai follows King Kantai, a man who has spent 30 years of his life working hard to provide for his family, only to be conned out of his life savings. Now streaming.

/images/ke.svgMade in Kenya
BigGirl Small World on Showmax

Big Girl Small World

Big Girl Small World follows Ciku, a plus-size woman who stumbles through a journey of self-discovery after a humiliating scandal. Stream now, with new episodes every Wednesday.

/images/ke.svgMade in Kenya
Siyabonga Thwala as Khaya and Nambitha Ben-Mazwi as Ndoni in Empini on Showmax

Empini S1

Empini is a high-stakes, action-packed drama about Ndoni, a deeply troubled private security bodyguard in search of answers. Stream now, with new episodes every Thursday.

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
Original Sin: My Son The Killer on Showmax

Original Sin: My Son The Killer

Original Sin: My Son The Killer follows the murder of Andrea Venter by Gerhard Jansen van Vuuren, who then went on the run from South Africa to Brazil.

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
Tracking Thabo Bester on Showmax

Tracking Thabo Bester

From the makers of Devilsdorp and the director of Convict Conman comes the true-crime documentary South Africa has been waiting for. All the episodes are streaming on Showmax.

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
The Illuminated S1 on Showmax

The Illuminated

The Showmax Original docuseries The Illuminated explores different religious movements in South Africa. All episodes now streaming.

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
What will be the cost of vengeance? Empini S1 now streaming
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