Where to find Lorcia Cooper on Showmax

By TVPlus1 February 2022

Where to find Lorcia Cooper on Showmax

South Africa is bursting with talented actors, and when it comes to actress Lorcia Cooper Kumalo and her performances, she always makes an impression on viewers.

Why not celebrate her with not one but six local productions in which she stars, only on Showmax!

Red Ink S1

Lorcia plays the brilliant, compassionate young detective who is not easily shaken. She’s quick to see connections, and detail oriented and with a long, long memory. She has it all on file in her head, from what a missing person was wearing when she disappeared, to the looks on the faces of a victim’s family. She’s bold enough to face down a serial killer and look him in the eye, but is she smart enough not to get too close? 

Living The Dream With Somizi Season 5

When your bestie is none other than the fabulous celebrity Somizi, you know you’ve made it! And what better way to get to know the choreographer and Idols SA judge than through the eyes of Lorcia, who makes an appearance in the first episode of Season 5 of Living The Dream With Somizi!

Lorcia and Somizi’s friendship has been going strong for 23 years and according to Somgaga himself, “She’s one of the people I’ve never had an argument with.” Lorcia adds, “I suppose by blood we’re not family, but he’s my brother.”

An honest and revealing conversation between Lorcia and Somizi will shed some light on the scandal around Somizi and his ex-hubby Mohale and how their divorce played out in public.

Lockdown S1-5

Lorcia shows viewers what grit she has in her role as Tyson, a disgraced ex-boxing champion and inmate in a women’s prison in the electrifying drama series Lockdown. There are five seasons on Showmax and each episode it will keep you on the edge of your seat!

In the fifth season, Tyson and her arch-rival Mazet (Dawn Thandeka King) have formed an alliance and are running the prison yard together, but how long will they be able to keep their peace?

Housekeepers S2

Some secrets aren’t that easy to sweep under the rug as series lead Linda Ndlovu (Thando Thabethe) realises in Season 2 of drama series Housekeepers.

In Season 1, Linda derailed her promising future as a lawyer to find justice for her mom, who was falsely accused of murdering a patient from a high-powered family in the construction world. Linda went undercover as a housekeeper in the construction mogul family to prove her mom’s innocence but soon she found herself in a precarious situation that blurred the lines between finding justice and taking it by force…

In Season 2, Linda will face new challenges that include crossing paths with corrupt and power-hungry official Mkhonto, played by Lorica. “What drew me to this character is that you get to see a woman who’s in the position of power,” says Lorcia. “Mkhonto plays a typically male role but still keeps her female aesthetic and I love that duality about her.”

Still Breathing S1

This gripping drama is about a group of old friends who’ve drifted apart as they’ve grown older, but who’re brought together when tragedy strikes. What that tragedy is viewers will have to tune in to experience as Lorcia plays no-nonsense Lucille.

Lucille is forthright and very loving; she would do absolutely anything to protect her friends or save them from any kind of pain and trauma. She is a champion of truth and justice no matter the cost. Her love for justice and equality are her strongest assets and greatest flaws at the same time.

New Material

What better way to end things than on a comical note with Lorcia’s role in the hilarious movie New Material starring comedians Riaad Moosa, Joey Rasdien and Schalk Bezuidenhout.

In this sequel to the 2012 comedy hit Material, Cassim (Moosa) tries to balance his career as a comedian, his new marriage, his role as a father and his living conditions with his parents. When an opportunity comes across his path to go on a national tour with his comedy show, he grabs it with both hands, but things go a bit south when the sexy Laylah (Lorcia) takes her fangirling to an awkward new level.