Why Shauwn steals the show on Kwa Mam’Mkhize

10 February 2020

Why Shauwn steals the show on Kwa Mam’Mkhize

Nothing has been the same ever since the Mkhize clan’s reality show, Kwa Mam’Mkhize premiered on TV. Shauwn Mkhize and her two children, Sbahle and Andile, are fast becoming one of the country’s favourite families. While her kids have very interesting lives, it’s Shauwn who always manages to steal the show.

Living the fab life

Although we’ve seen Shawn’s fabulous life on social media, we didn’t really know what things looked like behind the scenes. When the first episode aired, we got to see how ridiculously big her house is and we’re still trying to pick up our jaws from the floor. Some viewers even compared the Mkhize home to a hotel, while others compared it to a shopping centre.

The house is not the only thing that got viewers’ attention. Just as you would expect, Shauwn’s closet looks like a clothing store. And no, we’re not exaggerating! “I built a closet that will accommodate all my clothing. It is spacious,” she shared on the reality show.

Shauwn also has people who assist her with picking her outfits on a daily basis. “Every morning is a bustle. Everyone brings me an outfit and then I choose one that I will wear.” Yep, that’s how the rich and fabulous do it.

She’s a supportive mother

We love seeing her support Sbahle through her recovery journey.

Sbahle, who’s famously known as the “Fitness Bunny”, is rebuilding her life after her tragic car accident in 2018.

Sbahle explained on the show: “I ended up in a wheelchair because I had a car accident… It’s been a very crazy journey… I was in hospital for a very long time, and at that time I had amnesia so I wouldn’t even remember after a few days or a day later.” The great thing is that she has a great support system around her.

Shauwn has been by her side from day one and has prioritised her daughter’s healing. On the show, we’ve seen her taking Sbahle to the doctor for check-ups, making sure that her daughter is comfortable and safe when she’s behind the wheel, and even exercising with her. 

She bares it all

When we say Shauwn is relatable, we’re obviously not talking about her designer clothes and fancy cars. While she’s living her best life as a rich woman, Shauwn also seems like a person who’s very grounded and not defined by money. Unlike other big reality TV stars, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and is not afraid to show the audience what she looks like without makeup.


Some people tend to use reality shows to only sell a “perfect” idea of themselves. While this works for a couple of episodes, viewers usually get tired and want to see different content. Shauwn seems to get this, and she doesn’t only show the glitzy parts of her life, but also the uncomfortable areas. Now that’s how you do reality!

You can follow Shawn’s fabulous life on Kwa Mam’Mkhize.

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