Will Asanda be the hero that Monwabisi needs in Grassroots?

By Zibuyile Dladla5 August 2019

Will Asanda be the hero that Monwabisi needs in Grassroots?

Life at St Sebastian’s is no walk in the park for Asanda and Monwabisi. Their second week at the prestigious school has proven to be quite challenging. They’re not only finding it difficult to live as roommates, but they’re also struggling with meeting the ridiculous demands from the head prefects.

Although Asanda is willing to try and obey St Sebastian traditions, Monwabisi, on the other hand, is sticking to his guns and is not willing to be bullied around by the prefects.

Unfortunately, his stubbornness has consequences that affect both students – and even results in Monwabisi’s life being threatened. In an unfortunate turn of events during a school initiation, Monwabisi finds himself at the mercy of the school prefects.

Will Asanda find it in his heart to help save his arch-enemy despite their differences?

What really happened to Monwabisi’s father?

In the third episode, Monwabisi’s mother has approached the Centane council to help further investigate the death of her husband, which occurred at Buzwe’s place of business.

The news of this investigation wears heavy on Buzwe’s mind, and he again feels like he is losing control not only over his family but also over the influence he has within the Centane council.

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