Woman Crush Wednesday: 8 wonder-women on internet TV

21 February 2018

Woman Crush Wednesday: 8 wonder-women on internet TV

This WCW, we celebrate the remarkable women from Africa and the rest of the world who have made waves on series and movies now on Showmax.

Greetings from Wakanda. Unless you live under a rock, at this point, everyone who has not yet watched Black Panther has heard a thing or two about how groundbreaking this movie is. Let’s forget how it continues to smash Box Office records for a second: Black Panther has successfully done with female characters what other MCU films have failed to do by giving them enough depth to stand on their own, and not just as a shadow of their male counterparts. We see you Shuri, Nakia and the whole army of Dora Milaje, and we celebrate you.

Now go see the movie and stop being weird.

In the spirit of Woman Crush Wednesday and honouring great women on television, join us as we celebrate these 8 women starring in series and movies that you can stream or download on Showmax.

1. Lupita Nyong’o

MTV Shuga on Showmax

Lupita N’yongo, centre. Image: Viacom

No one can hold a candle for the force of nature that is Lupita Nyong’o. A darling in Hollywood and on the red carpet, this Kenyan beauty has managed to captivate the world not only with her beauty, but also with her recent badass role as Nakia in Black Panther, not to mention her positivity and sense of humour that seems to rub off on everyone.

Why we love her

There is just no rivaling this Kenyan beauty when it comes to fashion on and off the red carpet.

And she can rap too; this is her dropping some bars with her Black Panther co-star Letitia Wright.


Find Lupita Nyong’o as Ayira on MTV’s Shuga on Showmax.

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2. Minnie Dlamini

Becoming Mrs Jones on Showmax

Image: Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini’s life is what so many girls aspire to – a fairytale wedding watched by millions plus a powerful career … and in TV, no less. And now we hear that she’s already been offered a baby reality show. What’s there not to love about “South Africa’s Diamond” as she calls herself?

Why we love her

Show us a more perfect picture than this, we’ll wait.


Join Minnie Dlamini for her fairytale wedding in the three-part Becoming Mrs Jones on Showmax. You can also find her in The Wild and Rockville, also streaming on Showmax.

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3. Elisabeth Moss

The Handmaid's Tale on Showmax

Image: MGM

We’ll always remember Elisabeth Moss’ Peggy Olson’s evolution in Mad Men from a shy secretary to a top executive in the advertising world, making her one of TV’s strongest female characters. The 1960s New York depicted in Mad Men is a world that doesn’t pay much attention to women, and in the tiny New Zealand town where her character Detective Robin Griffin grew up in Top of the Lake, crimes against women are tragically common. She returns to her hometown to investigate the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant girl in the BBC murder mystery. And as if she hadn’t already done enough to represent strong women on TV, she also plays Offred, the sex slave who fights quietly against the totalitarian regime, in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Why we love her

Moss has been nominated for eight Emmys since 2009 but she finally won one in 2017 for The Handmaid’s Tale. Also, doesn’t she just have the loveliest smile?


Elisabeth Moss stars as Offred/June in The Handmaid’s Tale on Showmax.

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4. Reese Witherspoon

Big Little Lies on Showmax

Image: HBO

When she is not acting in her many roles that have made her a fan favourite, Witherspoon is sharing her voice in the Times Up movement and other philanthropic ventures. An entrepreneur too, the award-winning actress owns a clothing company Draper James and a production company that has produced movies like Gone Girl, Hot Pursuit and most recently Big Little Lies, which she co-produced (and starred in) with cast-mate Nicole Kidman.

Why we love her

Other than all the amazing things she does to uplift other women, she’s basically figured out this parenting thing.


Find Reese Witherspoon as Madeline in HBO’s Big Little Lies on Showmax.

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5. Yvonne Orji

Insecure on Showmax

Image: HBO

Yvonne Orji came into the limelight after her role as Issa Dee’s best friend in HBO’s Insecure, and has since starred in the hit series Jane the Virgin. Orji is proud of her African roots and never afraid to flaunt her Nigerian heritage on social media, and occasionally embraces it in her fashion as well.

Why we love her

No one is goofier on social media than Yvonne Orji. Plus, we are not trying to get anyone fired here, but Yvonne has just invented a new way to walk into meetings.


Find Yvonne Orji as Molly in HBO’s Insecure, Seasons 1-3, on Showmax.

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6. Samira Wiley

Samira Wiley as Moira in Handmaid's Tale on Showmax

Image: MGM

Samira has been a fan favourite ever since she broke onto the scene with her iconic role in Orange is The New Black, which she exited after the fourth season to star in her role as Moira in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Why we love her

Just look at her smile and tell us that it isn’t contagious. We rest our case.


Find Samira Wiley as Moira in The Handmaid’s Tale on Showmax.

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7. Sanaa Lathan

Something New on Showmax

Image: NBC

From Brown Sugar to Love and Basketball, Sanaa Lathan has given us some of the best memories and love stories on TV. Her most recent roles include an intelligent yet troubled investigator in Shots Fired and the no-nonsense principal Janelle in The Affair.

Why we love her

She’s absolutely gorgeous, especially with her short hair.


Catch Sanaa Lathan as Kenya in romantic drama Something New on Showmax.

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8. Katherine Moennig

The L-Word on Showmax

Katherine Moennig, left of centre. Image: MGM

Remember when The L Word was the hottest thing on TV and Katherine Moennig was just the fairest of them all with her androgynous look? Moennig also plays one of Ray Donovan’s bad ass sidekicks in Ray Donovan, and has also appeared on shows like Dexter.

Why we love her

She’s may have got older, but she’s maintained her flawless bad boy look.


Find Katherine Moenning as Shane in The L Word (S1-6) on Showmax, plus as Lena on Ray Donovan (S1-6), also on Showmax.

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