Wura episodes 17-20 recap: A grandma from hell

24 February 2023

Wura episodes 17-20 recap: A grandma from hell

In Wura episodes 17-20 this week, the recent deaths in Iperindo cast a shadow. The Kuti’s fight again over the circumstances around their father’s death as Tumi resumes work at Frontline Gold Mine. Mide doesn’t support it; he insists Wuraola Adeleke killed their dad and Tumi should be far away from her company. Their mother is just glad for the extra steady income.

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At the Adeleke’s, it is Femi’s death casting a shadow; the patriarch is worried about his son, who is still shaken about the death. “I am worried about Lolu. Femi’s death really hit him hard,” Tony tells his wife. “They were very close, you know. Always after each other, they even look alike, somehow.”

Wura quickly rejects the idea. She distinguishes them by saying Lolu is compassionate and hardworking while Femi was an indolent, opportunistic young man. Her statement is factual but a little compassion, Mrs. Adeleke. You killed the boy!

Here are the ways the story unravelled this week.

Lolu and Labake grieve Femi

The two people who really miss Femi are his mother and lover. Lolu is distraught, just as his father described. He is having nightmares and struggling to sleep. “I kept seeing him in my dream; he was covered in blood and asking me to help him,” he tells his younger sister, Eve, who is becoming more sympathetic. Her considerate side has emerged since Femi’s death left Lolu broken.


Labake, too, is devastated. She visits the Kuti’s and stares at the floor where her son died while lying in Tumi’s arms. “The spot where my Femi died is what I want to see,” she says in Yoruba to Ma Kuti.

Jeje and Tumi get comfortable

Femi’s dying words have ignited a fire in Tumi. She is manoeuvring her way into Wura’s close circle by getting a job at the mine, and while that will pay the bills at the Kuti’s household, Tumi has bigger plans. She wants to confirm the words Femi said to her. She wants to know for a fact that Wura killed her dad. It is a dangerous adventure, and her brother worries about her, but Tumi keeps her mission close to her heart.

Jeje is making her mission easier. He fancies her. “There is something about you,” he speaks to her earnestly. “I noticed it the few times that we met. I don’t even have a name for it, but it is the same thing I see in my aunty too.”

He is chummy and flirty but, more importantly, sincere with her. Tumi is smart enough to see it and weaponizes it to her advantage. He would become her trojan horse. However, he is charming and serenades her in sweet ways that one fears she might forget her mission or go soft on him. He takes her on a date and orders an exquisite dinner she is not familiar with, and you can see the delight on her face.

But after another date, this time, a dinner with the Adeleke’s, she slept at their mansion. That night she found something that changed everything.

A fun grandma from hell

Who would believe another woman could cast fear into Wura’s heart? Enter Senior Mrs. Adeleke and what an entrance she made. “Ah jeez, my mother should have arrived,” Tony tells his wife. It is more of a question than a statement; he had asked her to ensure someone picked up his mum from the airport. But Wura conveniently forgot. “Why now, Wura? You know how my mother can be,” he sighs.


Then from behind comes Grandma, “How can she be?” before lambasting her son and his wife for forgetting to visit her during the holidays or calling her for her husband’s death anniversary.

Throughout her stay sha, Wura and her husband saw small shege — a classic mother-in-law from 2000s Nollywood. Even Jeje and Tumi were not spared. The insult and caustic tongue went around.

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