Wura episodes 25-28 recap: Wura is arrested!

9 March 2023

Wura episodes 25-28 recap: Wura is arrested!

In Wura episodes 25-28, Tumininu is foolishly brave. She is naïve too because what poor Nigerian believes in justice in a case against the rich? But her optimism and bravery have helped put Wura in jail.

It is the night to announce Frontline Gold Mine’s ascension into global markets. The one percent of society’s one percent are in attendance, and so are press members. Wura looks the part in a lovely dress as she charms the audience with her words and promise of a new dawn.

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She then makes the mistake of inviting Tumi onstage and talking about her father. “Her father, a very valuable employee of Frontline Gold Mine, tragically passed away last month,” Wura says, using a death she is responsible for to push an agenda.

“My father did not pass away; he was killed. You killed my father,” an angry Tumi replies. As she ends her statement, the police arrive at the scene and an officer handcuffs Wura in front of everyone. She orders Jeje to call her husband, but Tony is already at the event — and in front of everyone, he gives his officers the go-ahead to arrest his wife. Tumi wears a broad smile, while Jeje looks helpless.

Tony versus Jeje

As the commissioner of police, Tony could have looked away or found a way to defend his wife. But like Tumi believes, he is a just man. “I didn’t have a choice,” he tells Wura when he visits her cell. “You know I am the face of the state’s anti-corruption; I had to be consistent.” But she is not down for medicine after death and screams at him to get out.

At home, Tony is no one’s favourite right now. He even gets some scathing comments from his daughter, Eve, whose acerbic tongue is usually reserved for Mandy and poor people. But it is Jeje’s confrontation that really leaves him downcast.

As Tony and his kids argue about using his influence to free their mum, Jeje walks in with swagger and anger, and goes straight to Tony. “Stop hiding behind the police and own your actions like a man for God’s sake,” he screams at his Aunty’s husband.

Tony is taken aback. He shakes his head and says a proverb in Yoruba — in that manner older people talk when they have been insulted by a young person. “Even you? You that crawled into this house with dirty, filthy rags on,” he says, shaking his head. Jeje says even more infuriating things. Tony looks at his kids and walks away. He won’t stoop low.

 The Kutis celebrate

“I just hope they break all her teeth in prison,” the Kuti’s last born says as they celebrate their triumph with a family breakfast. The mood is light and chill, but Mide is not overly joyous.

“Everyone will calm down by the time those people do their thing,” he says, referencing rich people rising above the law. He is adamant Wura will bribe her away out of this, but Tumi reminds him her husband was the one who arrested her.

“Abeg, those things don’t mean anything to me,” he replies. “Maybe the man was only acting up a script he wrote with his wife.” Mide is cynical about Nigerian institutions, but it is a mindset most poor Nigerians have. Tumi, meanwhile, is choosing to have faith — and so far, her faith has helped her.

Outside the Kuti’s house, the mood is jubilant across Iperindo. Everyone is celebrating the downfall of a tyrant, at least until Mide gets there and dampens the mood.

Dimeji professes his love to Tumi

After learning Tumi’s romance with Jeje was only a smokescreen, Dimeji finally decides to tell her about the feelings he has harboured for years. Sadly, it ends in tears. Her feelings for him are familial. “I love you like a brother,” she tells him. “I always have, you’re one of my oldest friends … I consider you a best friend and a loving brother.”

Dimeji is shattered, so much he decides to leave Iperindo. He is going up North, all the way to Zamfara. His sister is shocked; she calls him a coward. Tumi is irritated by it; she calls him childish. “Grow up! Why are you being such a child?” she annoyingly asks.

A few minutes later, he will play superhero when he hears her cry. Someone wants to kidnap Tumi. It never stops in Iperindo, not when a certain Wura Adeleke is still alive. Watch episodes of Wura on weekdays on Showmax.

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