Wura episodes 57-60 recap: “My husband is not dead”

8 May 2023

Wura episodes 57-60 recap: “My husband is not dead”

The sorrows of grief can be deeply unbearable, so much so that our minds start contouring to provide comfort. In this week’s episodes of Wura, we see Iyabo unravel pitiably. First, she mistakes Kazeem, Mide’s friend, for her late husband. In another episode, she cautions Tumi against saying bad things like her father is dead and tells her to prepare food for him.

Her mind is broken. If she were as powerful as the Scarlet Witch, she probably would have created a world where her husband is alive like Wanda. But she isn’t. She talks to his clothes and cooks for him at night to comfort herself.

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Mandy is also suffering, although not as severe as Iyabo. She is losing Lolu before he even becomes her husband. She puts on a sexy show in the bedroom to excite him, but all her naughty words don’t pique his interest. “Babe, don’t you think I should finish my book first?” he asks, but who says such nonsense when their partner tries to get sexual? The words that come out next are even more hurtful, even though they are necessary.

Mandy and Lolu in Wura Season 1

“Babe, there is something I have to tell you,” Lolu starts. “I think we should postpone the wedding. It just feels like we are in so much rush; we have a lot to consider.”

Iyabo and her late husband

“Tumi, come and help me with these clothes. Start with the blue one; that’s the one your father will wear to work tomorrow,” Iyabo says to her first daughter as she irons her late husband’s clothes.

Iyabo is losIng her mind in Wura S1

Tumi looks in disbelief before reminding her mum that Pa Kuti is gone. Iyabo says she knows, saying her husband has gone to work. She then asks Tumi to get her meat from the market so she can make soup for him. Tumi pulls her aside and reminds her of the harsh truth she refuses to accept.

“Baami drowned in the river. We buried him,” she says softly. But Iyabo rebukes her. “Shut up your mouth!” she shouts in Yoruba. “God forbid. My husband is not dead. How can you use your mouth to say such cruel things about your own father.”

Tumi stares in disbelief. She and her siblings thought their mum was getting better, but she has only got worse.

Mandy’s blues

Mandy is typically animated at the Adeleke’s dining table but is too quiet today. Wura asks if she would like to show her dress to everyone, but she signals no with awful body language. After more questions about the wedding, she storms off. Adewale follows her. Wura wonders if she said anything wrong. She hasn’t. Lolu’s decision to back out of the marriage is the problem.

Mandy in Wura Season 1

“It is Lolu. He’s been acting strange,” she tells Adewale when he queries what’s wrong. “Last night, he broke off the engagement.”

Mandy worries Lolu is seeing someone else and has gotten bored of her, but he has never really been excited about her. Her bigger worry is she would be a laughing stock. She pleads with her cousin to beg Lolu, but how does Adewale appeal to a man he also loves?

Wura’s headache

“I will decide when you watch my TV or use anything in this house,” Wura rebukes Lolu. Her husband walks into the tense situation. He asks what’s happening, and she explains that she just found out from Mandy’s dad that Lolu has called off the wedding. Lolu gives his parents his reason: he is not ready.

Lolu in Wura Season 1

But that’s an answer Wura won’t take. She asks him if he doesn’t want to have a wife and kids, and he shouts no! “Don’t you dare raise your voice at me,” she yells back. Lolu leaves them, saying he would never marry Mandy. Wura turns to Adewale to know what’s going on. As they were discussing, Chief Popoola storms into their house.

“What’s all this rubbish? Why did you let your son destroy the relationship that we’ve built for a long time,” he says to Wura. “If anything happens to my daughter or if she kills herself, I will use my hand to strangle your son to death.”

He then threatens her further that if she doesn’t fix things, he will cancel their deal and destroy her company and family. But no one threatens Wura, even if they have all the cards.

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