Wura: Here’s all you need to know ahead of Season 2
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30 November 2023

Wura: Here’s all you need to know ahead of Season 2

In just a few days, we’ll be journeying back to Iperindo as Wura Season 2 lands on Showmax on 4 December.

From its jaw-dropping first scene where Wura has Tumi tied up in a warehouse that she sets on fire, Wura has had us in a chokehold because what in the murder mayhem was that opening?

Wura on Showmax

Through its 100-episode run, we’ve laughed, cried, and crewed with our Iperindo faves as they’ve battled through every imaginable curveball, from Lolu surviving a suicide attempt to Mama Mide going a little bananas from grief.

Now, as we countdown to welcome the Adelekes, Kutis, and everyone in between back on our screens, here’s the recap you need ahead of the Wura Season 2 launch on 4 December 2023.

Welcome to Iperindo

Wura on Showmax

In the gold-mining town of Iperindo, the Kutis’ have scraped resources to celebrate Tumi’s birthday while on the other side of town, the Adelekes settle down for a sumptuous breakfast. Both families are the picture of happiness, but chaos is lurking. Wura murders Pa Kuti as her shocked nephew Jeje watches on, after he discovers a large piece of gold that could turn the dwindling fortunes of the mine around. Incidentally, Wura murders Pa Kuti by the river where she dumped her child many years earlier; the same child whom Pa Kuti found and raised as his own – Tumi.

Wura on Showmax

Then there’s Lolu, who is carrying on a clandestine gay relationship with Femi, the housekeeper’s son, while openly dating Mandy, the daughter of his mother’s wealthy business associate. Femi has pieced together that Wura murdered Pa Kuti and has decided to use this info to cash out from Wura. However, Wura is an indaboski not to be messed with. She sends Jeje to take him out, but things never quite go according to plan in Iperindo.

Trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake am

Wura episodes 9-12

Jeje proves to be an amateur hitman as he fails repeatedly to kill Femi, even almost killing Lolu who shows up to pick the blackmail money instead of Femi. Eventually, Jeje succeeds in killing him, but not before telling Tumi with his dying breath that Wura killed her father. Armed with Femi’s confession, Tumi goes into full investigative mode. She fakes a relationship with Jeje; much to lovestruck Dimeji’s dismay, and gains access to the Adeleke mansion. She’s had her suspicions that Wura killed her father and now she seeks evidence to help her get justice.

Wura episode 19 on Showmax

Meanwhile, Wura’s nemesis arrives in the person of her mother-in-law. The senior Mrs Adeleke never misses a chance to remind anyone who cares to listen that Wura was a nobody before meeting her son. Wura finally sends her mother-in-law packing after she agrees to pay off her brother-in-law’s “lousy seven million Naira debt”. But Wura’s troubles are far from over – Tumi has found a weed that only grows by the river under Wura’s car, plus the muddy dress she wore on the night of the murder. With these, she convinces the upstanding Commissioner Adeleke aka Wura’s husband to arrest his wife. Wura is whisked away by the police right in the middle of her big speech announcing the relaunch of Frontline Goldmine.


The black sheep

Wura on Showmax

While the Kuti’s rejoice following Wura’s arrest, Jeje works overtime to get his aunty out of jail. He hits the jackpot after stealing the letter Femi left Lolu, and forges one where he confesses to killing Pa Kuti to stop him from reporting a theft in which he and some other bad miners were supposedly involved. Wura is released but as the saying goes, there’s no rest for the wicked. Jeje’s wayward mother, Omolara arrives at the Adeleke mansion and is a thorn in Wura’s flesh after worming her way into Jeje’s heart by faking cancer.

Omolara is a wild one who throws parties when the Adelekes are away and sleeps with half the men in Iperindo from Paulina’s bar. Plus, she’s found out the truth about Pa Kuti’s murder and blackmails Wura when she attempts to kick her out after crashing her car. Fed up with everything, Wura poisons Omolara, leaving her in a near vegetative state. Problem solved.

Mide and Percy on Wura S1

Over at the Kuti’s, Mide has been lured back into crime by Percy and Biggie while deceiving his family that he’s working on an NGO project. Mide’s crime stint eventually sees him attempt a robbery on Wura’s mine. But things go sideways when he realises that Tumi is with Jeje inside the bullion van he and his crew plan to rob. Mide and Tumi both manage to escape the chaos unhurt while Biggie is arrested. Just when Mide thinks he’s gotten away with concealing his crimes from his family and the police, Biggie escapes from prison and kidnaps Mide’s sister, Ebun.

Bleeding love

Iyabo in Wura on Showmax

After tracking Biggie and Ebun, Mide manages to rescue her and conceal his involvement with Biggie from the police. But the entire episode has taken a toll on Mama Mide who suddenly starts having conversations with her dead husband, much to the confusion of her children. She even plans a full-on birthday celebration for Olusegun, which the children eventually go along with! But things come to a head when Mama Mide seemingly has a spiritual encounter with Pa Kuti after stumbling in the forest and hitting her head.

When she regains consciousness, Mama Mide is herself again, and with the encouragement of her children, gets medical help for her grief-induced depression.

Wura episode 51

Back at the Adelekes, Wura has received an ultimatum from Mandy’s father – have our children wed ASAP or lose your mining licence. Wura turns the heat on Lolu to marry after orchestrating a proposal he’s completely oblivious about. Meanwhile, Mandy’s gay cousin Adewale arrives and soon finds himself in an entanglement with Lolu. As Lolu develops feelings for Adewale, he finds himself increasingly at odds with his mother’s plans to marry him off to Mandy, who remains blissfully unaware of Lolu’s orientation and is happily planning her wedding.

Things take a disastrous turn on the day of the wedding when Lolu’s parents find him in a bathtub full of blood following a suicide attempt.

There’s a new sheriff in town

Lolu commits suicide in Wura S1

While the Adeleke’s grieve over Lolu’s critical condition, Tumi finally professes love to Dimeji and the pair kick off a relationship, one Mide strongly opposes. Back at the Adelekes, Lolu makes a miraculous recovery, but not before his condition puts a serious strain on the Adelekes’ marriage. Tony is completely unaware of the fact that his son is gay, and is furious that Wura continued to push Lolu to marry Mandy, ultimately ending in Lolu’s suicide attempt.

But all is well that ends well… until it’s not. Following Lolu’s recovery and return home, Kanyin arrives at the Adeleke mansion. She’s the apple of her father’s eye, a total brat, and Wura’s arch nemesis. After stealing Wura’s money, Kanyin is locked up where she meets Wura’s old business partner who supposedly owned a substantial stake in the mine before Wura framed him for murder, landing him in jail. Following a 15-year jail term, Fola is ready to exact vengeance on Wura and Kanyin is only too happy to help. After Kanyin is released, she gets Fola a job at the Adelekes’ and the pair begin their plotting.

Jeje gives Dimeji his job back in Wura S1

Jeje is determined to win Tumi back. He colludes with Dimeji’s ex Bisola to lie about being the father of her child. After a fake DNA test proves the paternity of Bisola’s child to be Dimeji, he sets plans in motion to marry Bisola leaving Tumi completely heartbroken.

The plot thickens

Wura on Showmax

At the Adeleke mansion, Wura and Kanyin make repeated moves against each other. Wura plants a bug in Kanyin’s room that she discovers, and uses it to lure Wura and Jeje into a trap. Wura thinks she’s going to meet someone who claims to be a witness to the murder Wura committed and framed Fola for.

Instead, they find the Adeleke’s previous gardener Shadrach tied up and confused. Meanwhile, Fola has sent Tony a message tipping him off about a murder. Tony arrives at Shadrach’s location to find him badly beaten, and Jeje standing over him with a gun. Jeje is promptly arrested and locked up while Wura plots with Detective Kolapo to have him released.

After getting Shadrach to amend his statement, Wura secures Jeje’s release but again Kanyin strikes when she steals the mine documents that contain Fola’s name. Not to be outdone, Wura uses Detective Kolapo to retrieve the stolen documents after staging a fake fire warning. When Wura seemingly makes a peace offering to Kanyin in the form of a car, she stages a kidnap of Kanyin and Fola, but again Kanyin outwits Wura, extracting a confession from the kidnappers.

Wura on Showmax

On the other side of town, Iperindo is buzzing over Dimeji’s wedding plans. When the day arrives, Tumi attempts and fails to dissuade Dimeji from going through with the wedding. After the minister who will join the couple suddenly falls ill, a drunken Aunty Labake weds Dimeji and Bisola. Having successfully schemed Dimeji out of the way, Jeje declares his feelings for Tumi but it’s breakfast season in Iperindo as Tumi turns him down.

Back at the Adelekes’, Kanyin has fallen out with Fola over Kanyin’s insistence on harming Wura. Kanyin had locked Wura in the office after work hours with a python in Wura’s drawer, but Wura managed to escape after killing the snake, then dumping it at Kanyin’s feet. Now, Fola wants nothing to do with Kanyin – he’s on a path of restitution. Speaking of restitution, Fola walks into Paulina’s bar in the middle of her surprise party to apologise. Apparently it turns out Paulina’s father is the man Fola was accused of murdering, but an angry Paulina runs Fola out of the bar. She reminisces over their father’s murder and the ensuing court case with Dimeji. Back home, he confides in Aunty Labake that Paulina and Dimeji are the only ones who can exonerate him.

Will Fola find redemption? Will Kanyin and Wura finally sheath their swords?

Wura Season 2 starts streaming on 4 December on Showmax, with new episodes showing Monday to Thursday.