Wura S1 episodes 61-64 recap: “I am willing and ready to get married to Mandy”

12 May 2023

Wura S1 episodes 61-64 recap: “I am willing and ready to get married to Mandy”

It has been a couple of depressing weeks for Iyabo and Lolu; the former is broken over her husband’s death while the latter is being forced to marry a girl he doesn’t love. They both see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel in this week’s Wura. Or maybe not.

The week opens with Wura and Tony arguing over Lolu’s decision. Tony thinks his wife is too controlling and cautions her over depriving their kids of independence. But Wura is forcing this particular issue because of Chief Popoola’s threats.

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At the Kutis, Iyabo is having an awakening. She briefly realises her husband is dead and gone but now blames her kids for playing along. She is also harsh towards Tumi, who contacts Aunty Labake to interfere.

“Maami said I am not her daughter; that’s how far her madness has gone,” Tumi tells her. Labake knows the truth but pretends to be shocked. Then she goes to talk to her friend. However, the chat doesn’t go well. Iyabo says terrible things to her friend, who leaves the room crying.

“The almighty knows that I tried, but that woman in there is beyond help,” she cries to Mide and Tumi. “That is no longer my friend, Iyabo.”

Chief Popoola and Wura

Wura and Chief Popoola in Wura Season 1

“Chief, I know you’re angry, but I have done nothing wrong,” Wura tells Chief Popoola after ambushing him in a restaurant. She says he’s taking things too far and too personally by closing the mine. The chief replies that breaking his daughter’s heart is also personal.

To convince him how hard it has been to convince her son to marry his daughter, she tells him about Lolu’s secret, but the man already knows. Wura wonders why he would be pushing his daughter to a gay man. “Someone like you should know that marriage of convenience is not strange to this world,” the chief replies. “Love doesn’t give dynasties. Connection does.”

Wura gets the message. This is a desperate and stubborn man who won’t be reasonable. If she wants to save her mine, she must make things happen — and we all know that’s Wura’s forte.

Iyabo sees Pa Kuti again

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As Iyabo’s condition deteriorates, her kids finally seek clinical help. After listening to their stories, the psychologist explains their mother’s problem in simple terms. “Your mother has been through a lot of traumas and is probably in a deep depression right now,” she says before requesting to see their mother.

But Iyabo isn’t home when they arrive – she’s returned to missing her dead husband.

“Is there somewhere she usually visits, perhaps with your dad when he was alive,” she asks Mide and Tumi as they panic over their mum’s latest disappearance. They go to the river to look for her, and there they find Iyabo looking for her husband.

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