016FM episode 2 recap: Whose side are you on?

By Michelle Randall3 July 2024

016FM episode 2 recap: Whose side are you on?

016FM is back with another high-frequency episode as DJ Whiskey and Tsietsi race to become the new station manager. With only a month to turn the station around, the competition is fierce. Who will come out on top? Here’s the recap:

The Vaal Kwaal

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DJ Latoya kicks off the morning show, announcing the start of the Programmathon, the “Vaal Kwaal.” Listeners will decide the new station manager by voting for their favourite. Both DJs must prepare their head-to-head line-ups and snag sponsors.

Worries at work

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Mama Magret, the station’s cleaner, is stressed about supporting her family if the station closes. Karabo, optimistic and crushing hard on Tsietsi, believes he’ll save the day and does everything to catch his eye.

Shady dealings

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Pius Khumalo, anticipating a police raid, orders his workers to stash their goods. New police chief Lieutenant-Colonel Mbeki is cracking down on crime, with Khumalo in his sights.

Mama Jane tells Tsietsi to speak from the heart

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Tsietsi visits Mama Jane at the care home. In a rare lucid moment, she tells him to always speak from his heart. But when Tsietsi apologises to Charity Manzini for Whiskey’s stunt and tries to get her back as an advertiser, she’s not interested.

Karabo wants to be a DJ

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DJ Latoya advises Karabo on becoming a DJ and pursuing Tsietsi. Everyone sees her crush, but Tsietsi, clueless about her feelings as well as her DJ dreams, offers her a role on his team – but not as a DJ. He wants her by his side as his campaign manager, which leaves Karabo disappointed.

Meet the new marketing Queen

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Pius Khumalo appoints a new marketing manager: Queen. The DJs aren’t impressed—she has zero radio experience and is clearly there for Khumalo’s agenda. What’s his game plan?

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