016FM Season 1 episode 3 recap: Madala

By Michelle Randall11 July 2024

016FM Season 1 episode 3 recap: Madala

016FM is back as the Kwaal between DJ Whiskey and Tsietsi heats up. With both DJs using different tactics to win over fans, it’s old school versus new school. And what’s Queen really up to? Here’s the recap.

Different DJs, different strategies

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TK helps his brother, Whiskey, campaign by creating live content on social media, flaunting his style to fans. Meanwhile, Tsietsi sticks to traditional methods, handing out pamphlets, but gets labelled as an old man – madala.

Latoya lets listeners decide

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As debates buzz about the stations’ relevance, Whiskey calls into Latoya’s show and asks her out live on air. She turns it over to her listeners: should she date Whiskey?

Queen’s mysterious moves

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Queen throws her weight around, disrupting Keith’s live set and spilling her drink on the equipment. Tsietsi and Karabo won’t stand for it, but there’s more to Queen than meets the eye. After all, she reports directly to Pius, who we know is up to no good.

A celebrity guest

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Tsietsi tries to recruit celebrity DJ Masedi to the Kwaal event, getting accused of being old school again. Despite this, Masedi agrees and joins Team Tsietsi. Whiskey, overhearing this, begs Pius to sway Masedi to Team Whiskey.

The prof helps out

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Professor Mosoeu, Tsietsi’s father, visits the station with good news: he’s secured a university venue for the Kwaal, along with posters and t-shirts. But Tsietsi resists his father’s help.

A coded message

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Queen tricks Tsietsi into doing a live read for a fake sponsor. The message is actually a signal for Pius’s goons. As soon as the coded message goes live, the goons jump into action. They intercept a truck and pull off a heist at gunpoint, right under everyone’s noses.

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