10 most hilarious moments in Basketmouth’s hit comedy series, My Flatmates

1 November 2019

10 most hilarious moments in Basketmouth’s hit comedy series, My Flatmates

Basketmouth is arguably Nigeria’s funniest comedian. Over the years, he continues to devise new ways to make us laugh. My Flatmates, one of his creations, is a comedy that follows four friends – Frank, Oga Donatus, Willy Willy, and Obus – who share an apartment. All sorts of hilarious events occur as they muddle their way through their chaotic lives in search of the Nigerian dream – living large!

The show stars Basketmouth alongside some of the funniest actors in the country (read: Okey Bakassi, Buchi, Wofia Fada, and Yaw), and their talents combine to wildly hilarious effect. To celebrate the show, now streaming on Showmax, we listed some of its funniest moments.

1. False advocate

Oga Donatus interrogates a potential in-law who claims to be a lawyer but alas na audio lawyer.

2. The make-up artist

A professional make-up artist comes to the compound to teach Sandra make-up, but the gossiping neighbours think she is having an affair and reports her to Nduka.

3. Mimi dumps Frank!

Following Mimi’s not-so-ridiculous demands – full access to Frank’s phone and hourly picture updates – Frank decides to propose just to calm her. Thanks to Willy, she finds out the proposal was a sham and walks out of the relationship.

4. Turning heads

Frank regrets shaving his dreads instantly when Obus mistakes him for an armed robber and Mimi tells him they just landed an endorsement deal with a hair product company.

5. Chewing stick

Titus struggles to have a conversation with Prosper whose mouth smells like suckaway. He tells Prosper to text him when the smell becomes too much to handle.

6. No be impotent

Honourable Dan’s image management business lands him in hot water when he refers to a client as impotent. A playful joke quickly turns a serious matter!

7. Skirt no get pocket

While massaging Jite’s head, Tijeri asks him for money to start a recharge card business. He replies in a fine pidgin metaphor: “As I dey now, na skirt I wear and you know say skirt no dey get pockets.”

8. An egg in my next life

After Chef Zoe rejects Honorable Dan’s misplaced advances, he colludes with Mimi and Willy Willy to get her fired. But their plan backfires terribly.

9. Daring the Ada Boy

Obus foolishly insinuates that Frank and Fatima are back together; unsurprisingly, they deny it. Later, he narrates what went down between the two to the always-suspicious Mimi.

10. Village wife

Sandra suspects Nduka travelled to the village to marry another woman and Titus is selling answers to original new past Jamb questions.

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