12 new series coming to Showmax in October

1 October 2018

12 new series coming to Showmax in October

Stream these binge-worthy series on Showmax in the month of October.

1. AP Bio, S1 | First on Showmax

Jack is a brilliant philosophy professor, but his dream job is stolen. So he takes a job at a high school – but not to teach! No, he’s gonna use his genius students to get revenge and save his career in this hilarious new comedy. Watch now »

2. Channel Zero, S2 – No End House | First on Showmax

The creepy horror anthology returns, this time with a tale about a woman looking for answers about her past in a strange house where every room is a nightmare – and there’s no escape… Don’t watch this alone! Watch now »

3. Doctor Who, S11 | First on Showmax, express

Doctor Who S11 comes first and only to Showmax

Doctor Who S11 is first on Showmax. Image: BBC

The great Time Lord, Doctor Who, is back to travel the strange universe in the blue-box time machine called the TARDIS. For the first time the doctor is a woman and she’s not pulling any punches in the most exciting season yet!
Planned release date: Monday, 8 October 2018 (new episodes land every Monday, express from the UK)

4. HBO’s Camping | First on Showmax, express

Jennifer Garner leads a stellar cast in this HBO original about an obsessively organised woman who arranges a birthday camping trip where she tries to aggressively control everything. But the others have different plans…
Planned release date: Monday, 15 October 2018 (new episodes land every Monday, express from the US)

5. The Royals, S1-3


At face value Queen Helena and King Simon are in charge of a classy royal family. But behind the scenes there is always trouble, especially when the heir to the throne dies in an accident. Power, intrigue, scandal, it’s all here! Watch now »

6. The Bold Type, S1

Three friends fought their way up the magazine world and are now finally making their mark. But that is just the start of a lot of drama, excitement and romance in this edgy, funny, intense and heartwarming comedy drama series. Watch now »

7. Criminal Minds, S1-12

They are elite investigators, hunting down the most dangerous and predatory of criminals. Now enjoy this award-winning crime-forensics series from the start, with all the grisly twists and turns that made it a worldwide success! Watch now »

8. Shut Eye

What happens when a con man gets a conscience? Charlie has been pretending to be a psychic when a blow to the head changes his mind – literally! Alas, that might be a problem with his shady boss in this excellent thriller… Watch now »

9. HBO’s Westworld, S2

Starting right after the bloody climax of the first season, the survivors of the Westworld massacre fight for survival! But the androids are now realising that things are not as simple as they thought in this brilliant new season. Watch now »

10. Sleep Tight, S1

You won’t get a wink of sleep after watching this chilling new anthology. Technology and terror meet as a woman documents the creepy encounters of other people. But while she progresses, the horror starts coming after her too…
Planned release date: Monday, 8 October 2018

11. The White Queen

It’s 1464 and two British royal houses are caught in a blood feud over who should rule. Love, lust, dreams and ambition tangle in a bloody conflict where everyone is a pawn trying to be the kingmaker in this thrilling adult drama.
Planned release date: Monday, 8 October 2018

12. Line of Duty, S1-4

Line of Duty on Showmax

Image: BBC

The highly acclaimed and popular British crime thriller about AC-12, the police anti-corruption unit tasked with investigating others on the force, returns for a fourth season.
Planned release date: Thursday, 18 October 2018

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