4 highlights from the BB Naija Pepper Dem Reunion Show

8 June 2020

4 highlights from the BB Naija Pepper Dem Reunion Show

The BB Naija Pepper Dem Reunion show, now streaming on Showmax, kicked off with a bang this week. So many things have changed since the housemates left the Big Brother House, some of them are now A-list celebrities; others have used the platform to pursue their childhood dreams. Mercy has a reality TV show, Mercy & Ike; Venita Akpofure is one of the leading actresses on Africa Magic’s Unmarried and Tacha is an ambassador for many brands.

The housemates gathered to discuss their stay in Big Brother House. They had plenty to spill about each other, Biggie, and their misconceptions about the show before entering the house.

Below are four major highlights from this week’s episodes.

Biggie and the Diary Sessions

The diary sessions are one of the most popular parts of the show. In episode four of the Reunion show, the housemates spoke about their admiration for Biggie and the diary sessions.

“I looked at Biggie to be a Dad,” Omashola, who famously poured his heart out on every session, says. Some of the ladies more than admire Biggie. “His voice is cute,” Mercy says. “I will love it if my boyfriend has that kinda voice.”


“Right from day one, we could tell Tacha will be a titan,” host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu says about the feisty Port Harcourt housemate.

Obi’s statement is inspired by Tacha’s statement from the first day, in which she referred to her fellow housemates as her escorts to the house. Kim Oprah thought that comment was rude, but Tacha disagrees. She saw it as a show of confidence and called Kim insecure for taking offence, leading to a back and forth between both of them. Other contestants chimed in, and it became a discussion on the difference between arrogance and confidence.

A topic throughout her stay in the house, Tacha remains a centre of attention outside of it.

Myths about getting selected

It was rumored that the Pepper Dem housemates were selected because of their popularity (Tacha was a famous Instagram influencer) and privilege (Seyi is Awolowo’s grandson).

But there are no shortcuts to the Big Brother House, and the housemate admitted thinking they needed connections to enter the house only to realise it’s the same process for everyone.

What they have to say about each other

The housemates talked a lot about each other on this week’s episodes of the BB Naija Season 4 Reunion Show. Things left unsaid were finally said, from Frodd’s gripe with Seyi’s insensitive statements to Kim Oprah’s calling out Tacha for being rude to everyone.

The housemates were asked to mention people who might confront each other on the show, and most of them said Tacha-Mercy and Venita-Khafi. Although we didn’t get any such confrontation this week, next week may be pregnant with them.

Also, the housemate expressed their thoughts about each other facially in a game that’s best experienced than explained. What do you think was said of Tacha, Mercy, Omoshola or Seyi? Find out on the Pepper Dem Reunion Show, now streaming on Showmax.

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