4 places to find Omoni Oboli on Internet TV

3 October 2019

4 places to find Omoni Oboli on Internet TV

Omoni Oboli is one of the Nigerian actresses whose careers have transcended old and contemporary Nollywood. She was a star lead actress in the formative years of Nollywood (circa mid-nineties), then she took a break to complete her college education. Marriage will come after and it will take over a decade before the star actress will return to our screens in the impressive The Figurine. She played the lead alongside Ramsey Nouah.

These days, however, Oboli isn’t just an actress; she is a screenwriter, director and producer. This year, she is bringing a political dramedy Love is War to the big screens. As we await that film, here are some movies and series starring Omoni Oboli available to binge-watch on Showmax.

Hotel Hush (2013)

Ijeoma (played by Oboli) is seeking revenge for the timely death of her twin brother against Dede, the owner of Hotel Hush, a place where the rich, powerful men come to explore their wildest fantasies without the fear of exposure. She gets employed there and after a few days at the job, she convinces the staff to join in on a plan to expose the secrets of the hotel. Watch it now.

Okafor’s Law (2016)

Okafor Law’s is one of Omoni Oboli’s most travelled films, it screened at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and was also selected by the Stockholm International Film Festival. The film is centred on the infamous Okafor law that says a man can always get in bed with a lady he has been involved with in the past irrespective of her current relationship. Chuks believe so much in this law and to prove it is real, he gets into a bet with his friends to bed three exes in six weeks, then the unexpected happens. Oboli plays one of Chuk’s ex-girlfriends. Stream it now.

My Wife and I (2017)

A contemporary Nollywood body swap movie. As issues between an unhappy couple, Toyosi and Ebere, hit a crescendo, their parents suggest they see a pastor for counselling. After their first meeting with the Man of God, the couple wakes up in each other’s bodies and have to live each other’s lives. The lead Toyosi and Ebere are played by Ramsey Nouah and Oboli respectively. Watch it now.

Wives on Strike: The Series (2018)

Based on Omoni Oboli’s social commentary Wives on Strike (the movie), which tells the story of a groud of women who inspired a nationwide sex strike to get men to act on issues like child marriage, abuse and rape. The series follows the events after the women hit nationwide popularity and land a deal for their story. Binge-watch the first season.

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