4 reasons Unbroken should be on your binge-list this year

24 January 2020

4 reasons Unbroken should be on your binge-list this year

Unbroken, currently showing on Showmax, launched on Africa Magic last October and quickly gained a following among Nigerian television lovers.

The series centres around a young couple, Tivdo Gyado and Jesse Jangfa, whose families have been friends for many years. Following an attempted murder at Tivdo’s parents’ 30th wedding anniversary, the pair become engaged and appear to be on their way to a lifetime of happiness, until a tragic event occurs, testing their relationship on all fronts.

If you aren’t already hooked on the show, here are four reasons Unbroken should be on your watchlist.

1. It’s co-produced and co-directed by the brains behind Ajoche

Ajoche, dubbed by fans as Nigeria’s Game of Thrones, was one of the biggest shows out of the country last decade. Besides earning a City People Movie Award nomination for Best TV Series of the Year (English), the show frequently trended on Twitter during its run on Africa Magic. So fans of the show will be pleased to know that James Omokwe, who produced and directed Ajoche, also serves as a consulting producer and co-director on Unbroken. Efa Iwara, who played Prince Epe in Ajoche, returns to the screen as Tivdo Gyado.

2. There’s a nice mix of veterans and young actors

Africa Magic shows have always given us a good blend of veterans and actors on the rise, and Unbroken is no different. The show features veterans like Maimuna Yahaya and Wale Macaulay. It also stars notable names including Nonso Odogwu, Efa Iwara, Najite Dede, Kunle Coker and Big Brother Naija’s Thin Tall Tony, and rising stars like Uche Chika Elumelu, Debbie Felix and Micheal Ejoor.

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3. The plot twists will keep you hooked

The pilot episode of Unbroken ended with a classic whodunit and it doesn’t let up. The show presents several subplots; aside from Jesse and Tivdo’s precarious romantic relationship, we’re also offered a glimpse into their parents’ shady personal and business dealings, which instigate several complications.

4. It’s one of the most talked-about Nigerian shows on social media

You can count on online commentary from fans on every platform from Facebook to Twitter on weekdays while Unbroken airs. Even the celebrities are not left out, as leading event planner Funke Bucknor-Obruthe recently shared an Instagram selfie she took with cast members Uzor Arukwe (Nafike Malafa) and Micheal Ejoor (Leon Adeyemi).


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