5 favourite house guests in Home Economics Season 3

By Gen Terblanche24 June 2024

5 favourite house guests in Home Economics Season 3

The Hayward siblings are back and bickering for a new season of exploring the economic divide between broke oldest sibling and author Tom (Topher Grace) and his wife Marina (Karla Souza), who’s a lawyer-turned-stay-at-home-mom, struggling middle child and child therapist Sarah (Caitlin McGee, who vanishes part way through this season in maternity leave) and her teacher wife Denise (Sasheer Zamata), and their super-rich, successful and divorced youngest sibling, Connor (Jimmy Tatro).

No matter what difficulties they’re in for, there’s always a seat at the Haywards’ table for more talent. From Nicole Byer playing Tom’s book editor Amanda Conley in Seasons 1-2, to Danica McKellar playing Windmount Academy’s Principal Alison in Season 2, Home Economics spends wisely on guest stars that keep us cackling. This season we can look forward to five of our favourites…

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1. Yvette Nicole Brown as Donna (episode 1)

Karla Souza and Yvette Nicole Brown in Home Economics S3 now on Showmax
(From left): Karla Souza and Yvette Nicole Brown

It’s hard to beat A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 1-4 mega-star Yvette Nicole Brown as a guest star. But pair her with a bickering family trip to DisneyLand complete with a lightsaber duel between Tom and Conner at the Star Wars exhibit, Galaxy’s Edge, and we are in our personal happiest place on Earth. The Hayworth siblings are at their worst when Donna, a random park guest, draws the short straw and has to fill the last seat during their ride on the Millennium Falcon. Three cheers for Star Wars and Disney Superfan, Donna, who uses the power of the force (motivational speaking complete with the threat of tears, and unbeatable enthusiasm) to inspire the family to set aside their differences and act like a team. Now if only Donna would take her own advice. 

2. A very special Kelly & Ryan! (episode 5)

Home Economics S3 on Showmax

If you’ve been a celeb gossip fan or live for a red carpet, you know hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest better than you know some of your own family members. The pair star as themselves and even bring their real-life TV talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan (2017-2023), to Home Economics.

Tom comes on as a guest to promote his book, Home Economics, as part of his press tour. His interview promises to be a cringe fest that challenges even Ryan and Kelly’s polish and composure … but at least they don’t get to see Marina and Connor’s impression of them while they’re preparing him for the interview! Ryan and Kelly play it straight and seem somewhat shocked by how the Haywards behave, which is a fun reality check for when we get swept up in thinking they’re normal. 

3. Casey Wilson as Harmony (episodes 6 & 8)

In one of the series’ most riotous episodes, Tom’s Halloween horror is that nobody will attend his book reading. Instead he has a run-in with his number-one fan, Harmony. Harmony believes that she and Tom have a deep connection. They’re like family. No, actually, really. The creepy Halloween vibes set us up for a stalker story, especially with Marina and Denise’s true crime obsession, but the secret Harmony has up her sleeve will really shake things up for the Hayworth family.

Aside from being a cast member on long-running sketch series Saturday Night Live, Casey was Tiffany in 1980s-set stock market comedy Black Monday, and her touch of unpredictability and comic timing both make the situation work, despite a far-out premise. And her energy has her fitting right in with the Haywards.

PS; the bonus part of this episode is seeing all the fun details like the official poster for Tom’s book signing. 

4. Kim Coles and Gary Anthony Williams as Tamara and Jay (episode 9)

Home Economics S3 on Showmax

Ready to meet Denise’s parents? Denise has described them as bickering, possibly as much as the Haywards, which could be why she’s so comfortable being part of the family. Denise is so wound up for their arrival that she has everyone else on edge. These two quirky country music fans might seem all lovey dovey to start, but they soon give us an eye-opening journey into Denise’s past and what she had to grow up with.

Kim Coles, who got her start on 1990s sketch show In Living Color has been a favourite guest on every show delving into the past of Black sitcoms in the US for years. And she shows she still has the quickness and, like Casey, the unpredictability to keep us on the edge of our seats as Tamara. And for animation fans, it’s a thrill seeing voice actor Gary Anthony Williams in real life. 

5. Eddie Cibrian as Santiago (episodes 9, 11 and 12)

Karla Souza and Eddie Cibrian

Eddie has been “TV handsome” since playing Matt on soapie The Young and the Restless in 1994. These days he’s the distinguished kind of handsome, but this silver fox has still got it. And when he joins the show as hunky house builder Santiago in episode 9, it looks like Marina wants to get him to level her and sand her down … at least that’s what Tom thinks.

But the show turns a tired jealousy trope on its head when supposedly grimly serious Santiago reveals a goofy side and a passion for LEGO that wins Tom over completely. New construction project: a beautiful friendship. As Santiago, Eddie manages to ooze charm left and right without being sleazy. 

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