5 Kenyan shows and movies to turn up the heat this cold season

18 July 2018

5 Kenyan shows and movies to turn up the heat this cold season

Wear something warm, they said. You’ll get used to the cold, they said. But we all know Kenyans were not made for the cold season, just like we were not made for 50 bob avocados but that’s a story for another day. So here we are, stuck in this wintry July weather assuring each other that cha muhimu ni uhai (it doesn’t sound as good when translated to English). Here is a suggestion, why don’t you make yourself some hot soup, grab a warm duvet and find yourself a great movie or show to take your mind off how cold it is. These 5 Kenyan shows and movies on Showmax will do the trick.

1. Maza

Nothing drives away the cold faster than a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Enter Maza, a Swahili telenovela that brings to life the supernatural intrigues that the coastal city of Mombasa is known for. Just when you thought you’d seen it all in the world of television, you meet Maza’s Kate whose jealousy gets the best of her when she turns her best friend into the family cat just so she can steal her life. And that’s not even half of the drama you’ll get to enjoy on Maza, now streaming on Showmax. Watch now »

If you love Maza, you will enjoy the romance-thriller New Beginnings, also on Showmax.

2. Jela 5-Star

Some dramatic humour to keep you warm? If you’ve ever wondered what goes in inside a typical petty crimes’ Kenyan jail, then Jela 5-Star is the place to visit. But bear with us, Jela 5-Star is unlike any jail out there. For one, it is run by the strong-handed yet caring warden Madam Melba who has to deal with her bully deputy while keeping all the prisoners in check. Secondly, Jela 5-Star has enough humour to make you forget the plight of the prisoners who can’t help themselves when it comes to mischief, drama and rivalry and a few love triangles of their own. Jela 5-Star is now streaming on Showmax. Watch now »

3. World Tofauti

Featuring Innocent Njuguna and songstress Avril, World Tofauti tells the “rich boy-poor girl” love story of Hinga (Njuguna) and Nina (Avril), who meet under unusual circumstances in one of Kenya’s most controversial streets – Koinange Street – known for its vibrant nightlife. Despite their initial animosity and class difference, the two are forced to confront their individual biases, falling in love in the process. World Tofauti is now streaming on Showmax. Watch now »

4. Nightrunners

Nightrunners on Showmax

If you are looking for a reason to justify being under the covers, the chills you’ll get from watching Nightrunners will do just that. Set in the Kenyan island of Rusinga, Nightrunners follows a young Canadian volunteer, Isobel, who travels to the island to help out at a local orphanage but finds herself caught up in a terrifying legend and superstitions associated with the area. Featuring How to Find a Husband’s Neville Misati in the lead role of Michael, Nightrunners is now streaming on Showmax. Watch now »

5. Consigned to Oblivion

Consigned to Oblivion on Showmax

Image: AFL

We don’t mean to scare you but it seems like thrillers are the way to go to battle the July cold. From Mark Maina (Neophobia) comes the neo-noir psychological thriller Consigned to Oblivion which follows a young woman suffering from amnesia who wakes up in an unknown hotel room with a dead body in the bathroom, and she only has two hours to unravel what’s really going on. Consigned to Oblivion is now streaming on Showmax. Watch now »

If you like Consigned to Oblivion, you will enjoy What Goes Around also on Showmax.

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