5 reasons to say “I do” to Our Perfect Wedding in Kenya

29 May 2019

5 reasons to say “I do” to Our Perfect Wedding in Kenya

If you think planning a wedding is easy, wait until you watch Our Perfect Wedding, which takes you behind the scenes on what it takes to plan the perfect wedding. Adapted from the same format that airs in South Africa, Our Perfect Wedding Kenya (OPW Kenya) follows different couples in Kenya as they go through the preparations for the big day, while also featuring backstories on how the couples met and how they proposed.

OPW showcases all the setbacks of planning a wedding – from disappointing service providers to dramatic family members to couples who forget their vows at the altar and every drama in between.

New seasons of Our Perfect Wedding (S1-6) are now streaming on Showmax. Here’s why we love it:

1. Loads of drama and melodrama

There’s a running joke in Kenya: No one feels as powerful as an uncle holding the key to the store where sodas and bread are kept during a ceremony. I hope it sounds as funny when translated into English but the point is, family members can make or break you.

In one episode of OPW, aunties of the bride decide to lock her up as she is about to walk down the aisle until a certain amount of money is paid by the groom. On the wedding day!

If you think that’s bad, wait until you watch the one where the service provider threatens to take down the tents in the middle of the ceremony.

2. The interesting backstories on how the couples met

While some couples on OPW simply fell in love at first sight, others have quite the story to tell.

In Season 1, one bride confesses to having been lured by the scent of the groom – apparently, she couldn’t resist his cologne when they first met on the corridors of an apartment building.

Then there’s Tabitha and Chris, who met on a Bible Study Whatsapp group.

Of course, there’s also a couple who stalked each other on Facebook before they made their first move.

Our Perfect Wedding on Showmax

3. The perfect love stories

If there’s one thing that OPW does perfectly, it’s highlighting the beautiful romance shared by each couple despite all the drama, shenanigans and challenges they go through as they plan their wedding.

And when it comes to true love, there’s nothing we like more than truly over-the-top gestures, such as when one groom surprised his bride with a helicopter ride, and another had his rings delivered by a drone right in the middle of the ceremony.

4. The diversity and richness of cultures coming together

Ever seen a wedding between a Ghanaian groom and a Kenyan bride? Or a Kenyan groom and a Ugandan bride? OPW isn’t just a wedding show, it showcases Kenya’s cultural diversity through colourful wedding practices such as the Kikuyu’s ruracio or the Maasai’s enkiama, where you get to see how different cultures in Kenya prepare for the big day .

Even more interesting is when two different cultures come together, as in the episode where we see Abiola travel all the way from Nigeria to tie the knot with his Kenyan bride in a Yoruba-style wedding.

5. The dance moves that we can’t wait to debut on the dance floor

No one dances like a Kenyan in a club or at a wedding. And if you’ve ever attended a Kenyan wedding, then you know that they are never complete without guests joining the bride and groom in an impromptu dancing train, as you’ll get to witness in almost every episode of OPW.

Here, you’ll see a little bit of South Africa’s gwarra gwarra, Nigeria’s shaku shaku and a mix of other dance styles Kenyans love to borrow from the rests of Africa. If you are look closely enough, you’ll even get to see Julie Gichuru bust a move in one of the episodes.

Save the date – new seasons of Our Perfect Wedding now streaming on Showmax.

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