5 shows to stream for the kids this Halloween

30 October 2018

5 shows to stream for the kids this Halloween

Looking for a Halloween playlist to get your children in the mood for a night of fun and laughter? Here is our pick of shows featuring jack-o-lanterns, witches, zombies and ghosts (the friendly kind) from the Showmax catalogue.

1. Peppa’s Pumpkin Party

Peppa Pig Special: Pumpkin Party is on Showmax

Image: eOne Family

Come join Daddy Pig’s big Halloween party, where everyone is dressing up. Peppa is a witch, George is a dinosaur, Rebecca is a carrot…gone bad, Richard is a Frankencarrot, Pedro is a superhero and Danny is a werewolf. Watch now »

2. Casper

Casper is on Showmax

Image: NBC

Based on the popular comic, an investigator moves into a haunted house to reach the spirits there. One of them, the boy ghost Casper, soon befriends his teenager daughter, Kat. But can the two stop Casper’s evil uncles? Watch now »

3. Paranorman

Paranorman is on Showmax

Image: NBC

He can talk to the dead and even prefers their company, so everyone thinks Norman is just a weirdo! Then when an ancient curse comes true, he’s the only one who can save the town in the fantastic, fun-filled animated adventure! Watch now »

4. Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

Garfield's Halloween Adventure is on Showmax

Image: 9 Story

Hold on to your pumpkins! It’s that time of year when Garfield and friends go on another spine-chilling, spook-tacular adventure! Watch now »

5. Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom on Showmax

Image: Magic Light Pictures

Join the kind witch and her as they fly through the clouds and meet a keen dog, a green bird and a clean frog, who all join them on the broom. But then they fly into the path of a fearsome enemy, and it’s up to the witch’s new pals to save her… Watch now »

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