5 things we love to hate about Eboh on Forbidden

29 October 2019

5 things we love to hate about Eboh on Forbidden

She’s spiteful, vindictive and downright messy; that much we know… but it’s hard to hate on Ebohon Doregos on Forbidden, now streaming on Showmax, when all her dubious behaviour is borne out of love for her family.

These are 5 things we love to hate about Eboh:

1. She is absolutely fearless

If walls could talk, they’d say absolutely nothing because when it comes to Eboh, silence may just save your life. First introduced to us in a rather ‘dark’ scene, Mrs Doregos has always glistened a double-edged type of courage and for her, there is no task too big or a threat too small. Basically, in the most twisted of ways, she never leaves loose ends. We could learn a thing or two, with a pinch of morality of course.

2. Just call her ‘the fixer’

When Becky just about had all the cards on her side of the play and threatened both Demilade’s relationship with Enitan and standing with his father, Eboh downright shook the table and scattered the cards, leaving nothing but a mere memory of Becky’s existence.

3. She doesn’t put all her eggs in one basket

By simple observation, one can tell that the Doregos clan has enough financial wealth stuffed in their booming enterprises to guarantee comfort for the next four generations but this clearly isn’t enough for Eboh. Between mothering her overgrown kids with too much drama to dissect right now and playing ‘decent’ wife, Eboh and her illegitimate cousin run an off the radar money laundering scheme camouflaged in charity. Basically, one can never have too many green trees in the garden.

4. She definitely has standards

Those who believe that ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ clearly haven’t met an African mother dealing with her daughter’s offender. Yes, Derin was in love but all Eboh saw was an old rag pinned to her daughter and to say she acted fast would be a total understatement. Basically, we all just gotta deal with the matter at hand!

5. She stands by her family

Accolades to be awarded when due and deserved, Eboh is the kind to be used as a prime example when dissecting the ‘behind every man’ notion. Not only has she swiftly swept her family’s problems away without so much as ruffling her ‘madame’ facet, she actually lifted the rug and rid her household of any threats, or so we think.

Call it paranoia, we call it love. The forbidden fruit keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. Binge-watch Forbidden on Showmax!

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