5 typical personalities you’ll find at Nigerian universities (based on Crazy, Lovely, Cool)

20 January 2020

5 typical personalities you’ll find at Nigerian universities (based on Crazy, Lovely, Cool)

Every Nigerian teenager looks forward to life at university. Why? It’s a haven of freedom. It’s a place where young Nigerians are let loose from the shackles of controlling parents and can live out their youth to the fullest.

This freedom can be intoxicating and can push a young adult to all sorts of vices. But it is also an important ritual on the journey to independence.

Obi Emelonye’s coming-of-age series Crazy, Lovely, Cool explores university life, and kicks off with a gossip blogger dropping some shocking revelations on campus.

In this post, we look at five interesting personalities you’ll encounter on a university campus in Nigeria, based on the movie.

The musician with a bad GPA

Every Nigerian graduate knows a guy or girl who rarely attended classes because they were busy making music or performing at late-night campus shows. Their GPA is low, but they don’t care. Their music career comes first, and they believe formal education is a scam. Everyone on campus knows them; they are flashy and live to the fullest! But their brain is empty.

Luciano on Crazy, Lovely, Cool epitomises this personality; he is a handsome, famous musician, but he’s on the verge of an extra year.

The naïve fresher who wants to be popular

Finally in university, and free from the watchful eyes of Mummy and Daddy, this freshman wants to have fun. He wants to roll with the biggest boys on campus; in many cases, that’s the cult gang. They promise him protection, girls and power. He readily accepts because all of this will make him popular and respected on campus.

However, in many cases, this dream doesn’t end well, and that’s the case for Efe, who joined the school’s most dreaded gang shortly after his matriculation ceremony.

The idealists

Everyone calls them ITK (I Too Know) or Holy Holy because they always do the right things and challenge conventions. For instance, they will support the Student Union Government candidate who’s the exact opposite of the average Nigerian politician: honest, smart and visionary, even if he has the least chance of winning the election.

In Crazy, Lovely, Cool, that’s Funmi. She sees the positive in every situation, picks good over evil, and is eager to help the helpless. Like most idealists on a Nigerian university campus, Funmi is a politician, blogger and advocate of social works.

The Christian brother

The Christian brother is like a soldier, he lives by a simple code: whatever my fellowship leader says, that I shall do. He lives a triangular life: from church to home to classes. For him, the fellowship comes first; his girlfriend, family and grades are a distant second. His name is preceded by Brother, like Brother Mathew in the series.

Brother Matthew, played by Ademola Amao

This set of university personalities can be awkward. They don’t want their girlfriend wearing makeup or trousers because the good Lord forbids it. They are also quick to condemn the students who do not conform to their lifestyle.

The Cultist

This group has funny names inspired by Hollywood crime dramas. Capone. Scarface. Van Damme. They walk a certain way; sometimes, it’s with much swagger; other times, it’s less dramatic and more suspicious. But make no mistake – these guys aren’t to be messed with. They own any babe they want on campus, reaching peak misogyny. And they will eliminate anyone who crosses them.

Capone (left, played by Ceeza Milli) acting tough.

In Crazy, Lovely, Cool, we see them in action — a group feared by everyone except the idealist mentioned above.

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