5 homegrown shows for South African kids

21 September 2018

5 homegrown shows for South African kids

Whether you want your children to be entertained in their home language, or just need a break from Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol, these sweet children’s series and movies are perfect for your little South Africans.

1. Klein Kroontjies

Klein Kroontjies is on Showmax

Image: Monarchy TV

The best writers, singers, songwriters and artists in the country have come together to create stimulating edutainment for kids under four. Featuring Anna Davel, Jak de Priester, Chris Chameleon, Lloyd Cele and more. Watch now »

2. Kokkedoortjie, S1

Kokkedoortjie S1 is on Showmax

Children of all ages can learn how to cook in this brilliant new series. Join Mari-Louis Guy and master chef Nic van Wyk as they show the delicious treats for all. Watch now »

3. Jungle Beat

Jungle Beat on Showmax

Image: Sunrise Productions

From a giraffe afraid of heights to a bee allergic to pollen, these animals are a strange bunch. With their ridiculous antics, it’s an animated jungle full of entertainment. Watch now »

4. Lollos

Lollos is on Showmax

Lollos and Lettie are from the planet of Lalaland. They love to visit Earth for adventures with their Earth Buddies and are always singing fun songs to do their exciting dance moves to. Watch now »

5. Khumba

Khumba is on Showmax

Image: M-Net Movies

Born with only half of his stripes, Khumba the zebra goes on a quest across the Karoo to find them all in this hilarious animated movie. Watch now »

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