6 reasons Barbie has millions of online fans

16 November 2017

6 reasons Barbie has millions of online fans

There are currently more than 2.8 million people subscribed to Barbie’s Official YouTube channel. That’s an army of fans spanning the world dedicated to one of the oldest and best loved toy figurines: Barbie.

The channel features all sorts of fun and entertaining videos. From an animated Barbie vlogging series featuring tips on having a positive attitude to demos of some of the amazing Barbie toys and merchandise to an entire playlist dedicated to dads and daughters playing with Barbie – the channel is filled with sweet kid-friendly videos.

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But why do so many people love Barbie? Here are 6 quick reasons.

1. The legacy

Created in 1959, Barbie started out life as a German fashion doll named Bild Lilli. Since her launch, more than a billion Barbies have been sold and Barbie’s style and body shape has changed dramatically. If you happen to have a Bild Lilli doll, hold onto it, they’re a valuable collectible, often selling for more than R25 000.

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2. The loyalty

Barbie has been a part of millions of peoples’ childhoods. A love for Barbie is often passed down from one generation to the next.

3. Barbie the role model

While Barbie may have started out life as a fashion toy, over the years she’s developed into a strong and positive role model for your women. Barbie’s message is that you should follow your dreams no matter what other people think of you, that young women are strong and independent, and that anyone with the right support and the drive can be successful.

4. A Barbie for everyone

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Source: Mattel Inc

For many years, Barbie dolls portrayed an unattainable body figure and only represented a single race. This has changed dramatically. These days, you can find Barbies in all shapes and sizes, and representing diverse ethnicities.

5. Smashing gender stereotypes

Barbie on Showmax

Source: www.barbie.mattel.com

Barbie doesn’t believe that certain activities are for boys and others are for girls. Just take a look at the extreme Hoverboard Barbie – she’s awesome! Barbie can do anything, and sends a great message to girls that they must never feel restricted or afraid to try something that was previously seen as a “boy” activity.

6. The world of Barbie

Barbie is owned by Mattel, which is one of the biggest toy companies in the world, and Barbie is a global brand. Beyond the classic Barbie doll and Barbie playsets, Barbie is a lifestyle. You can buy everything from birthday parties, books and magazines to home decor, bicycles and clothing. And of course, there are so many wonderful movies to enjoy. (Plus, we think Barbie will save your holiday » )

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