6 types of BBNaija fans you’ve probably encountered this season

30 September 2022

6 types of BBNaija fans you’ve probably encountered this season

Every season, we meet different kinds of BBNaija housemates. The fans, however, remain unwavering in their die-hard love of the show.

As we approach the BBNaija Level Up finale, we recount six types of BBNaija fans we’ve encountered through the season and beyond.

1. The keyboard warriors


These ones are ready to come for anyone and everyone who says anything they don’t like about their faves. They even go as far as sending private messages that would have you wondering, “is it really that deep?”

2. The die-hards

These ones most likely belong to a fanbase, and have donated money to either keep their faves in the house, or to buy a gift for them after the show. They have remained fiercely loyal to their faves, and have gone under the sun and the rain to prove this. Once their faves are up for nomination, best believe they’ll be out and about canvassing for votes.

In summary, they go the extra mile to show their support for housemates they might never get to see in their lifetime.

3. The no-stress gang

These ones are the definition of “I cannot go and kee myself”.

They watch the show, enjoy all the epic moments, then go to bed. They also follow the trends on social media, and have all the information, but they don’t vote.

4. The “I knew it” tribe

Celebration Bbnaija GIF by Big Brother Naija - Find & Share on GIPHY

Oshey Ominiknowest!

They always know which housemate will get evicted, who will be in the finals and who is going to be the winner of the show. Even if these fans don’t follow the show, trust them to always say “I knew it,” when something happens.

5. The shippers

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These ones are probably planning Sheggz and Bella’s money cake as you read this.

Just like the die-hard fans, every season the shippers identify the strong couples and stan hard. They come up with the ship names, and pray fervently against any principalities and power seeking to put assunder. When the housemates are finally out of the house, they roll out the gifts.

6. The chilled clan

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These ones are like the no-stress gang. They follow the show, and have their faves, but don’t make too much noise. They just silently vote for their faves and can easily choose another fave in a week.

Watch the BBNaija finale live on Showmax, Sunday 7 pm.

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