7 kids’ shows for siblings to watch together

20 March 2018

7 kids’ shows for siblings to watch together

It’s not easy to find a show that siblings will happily watch together. Here’s our pick of the series and movies for kids on Showmax that will appeal to brothers and sisters of different ages.

You know your pre-schooler won’t sit through a full episode of the intricately plotted live-action series your tween loves, and that your seven-year-old won’t tolerate watching that “babyish” show your toddler chooses whenever it’s their turn to pick the post-bath, pre-bed programme.

Here are 8 kids’ shows on Showmax that hold appeal for kids across age groups

To make the task of choosing age-appropriate TV shows for your kids easier, Showmax has curated shows for specific age groups into four different Collections. Check out the Tiny Tots Collection for kids aged two to three; the Little Kids Collection for ages four to six; the Older Kids Collection for ages seven to nine; and the Tween Collection for kids aged 10 to 12.

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1. Jungle Beat (age 2+)

Jungle Beat on Showmax

image: Sunrise Productions

From a giraffe afraid of heights to a bee allergic to pollen, these animals are a strange bunch. With their ridiculous antics, it’s an animated jungle full of entertainment. Watch now »

Younger kids will love: The funny, spirited animation and the fact that episodes are short (around five minutes each) and super-simple to follow, because these animals don’t talk.

Older kids will love: The hilarious situations these curious creatures find themselves in, and the ill-advised lengths they’ll go to to get themselves out of them.

Also try: Piggy Tales, for age 4 and up, about the silly, naughty minion pigs’ limited ability to solve their everyday problems.

2. Sofia the First (age 4+)

Disney's Sofia the First on Showmax

Image: Disney

Sofia is getting used to being a princess, and helps newcomers to Royal Prep make friends and have fun. But some are very jealous of Sofia’s kindness… Watch now »

Younger kids will love: Sofia. They will just love her. She’s brave and bright and kind and a princess-in-training. They’ll also love that she can talk to animals.

Older kids will love: The adventures Sofia and her siblings James and Amber get up to in the kingdom, especially when they land up in danger and have to rely on their wits and bravery to save themselves.

Also try: Barbie Dreamtopia, about Barbie’s little sister Chelsea needing her big sister’s help to navigate the world of her dreams.

3. Shaun the Sheep (age 4+)

Shaun the Sheep on Showmax

Image: Aardman

Shaun, Bitzer and their farmyard friends are back, ready for new adventures taking on escaped convicts, rock stars and even trouble-making moles in this fun animated series from Aardman! Watch now »

Younger kids will love: The accessible storylines that are unhampered by dialogue.

Older kids will love: The hilarious mischief Shaun gets up to, and the show’s subversive humour, which it manages to convey without any words.

Also try: Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer’s Llamas, and Timmy’s Seaside Rescue, also by Aardman.

4. Transformers Prime (age 7+)

Transformers Prime on Showmax

Image: Hasbro

Autobots versus Decepitcons. The fight is not over. Bad transformers lost the last battle, but Megatron is planning another attack. Will Optimus defend Earth against invasion? Watch now »

Younger kids will love: The lights, the shiny robots, and the high-octane action of every episode.

Older kids will love: Getting a dose of this crazy popular global franchise from right at home.

Also try: Disney’s Lab Rats: Elite Force, an action-packed but light, fun adventure for kids aged 7+.

5. Woozle & Pip (age 2+)

Woozle & Pip on Showmax

Image: CAKE

Woozle and Pip are best friends. Together the two lovable dogs go on adventures, discovering new experiences and learning that getting along means everyone wins. Watch now »

Younger kids will love: The simple storylines and the warm familiarity with the characters that this sweet show fosters.

Older kids will love: The lessons contained in each episode, as well as the mischievous antics of Neighbour Cat.

Also try: Trunk Train, a fun series about an elephant, an anteater and a colony of termites who travel on a train across South America.

6. The Gruffalo (age 3+)

The Gruffalo on Showmax

Image: Magic Light Pictures

A children’s classic about a mouse who outwits all the scary creatures he meets in the forest – even the Gruffalo. Watch now »

Younger kids will love: Seeing one of their best-loved storybooks coming to life.

Older kids will love: The absolutely gorgeous animation and clever adaptation from book to screen (and this goes for adults as well).

Also try: Other Magic Light Pictures adaptations of Julia Donaldson books including Room on the Broom and Stick Man.

7. Bubble Guppies (age 2+)

Bubble Guppies on Showmax

Image: Nickelodeon

Molly, Gil and other fish-tailed friends have loads to learn in their underwater classroom. Dive in and join them! Watch now »

Younger kids will love: The easy-to-follow lessons and the colourful characters.

Older kids will love: The Bubble Guppies’ dancing and their super-catchy, contemporary songs that are uniquely tail-ored to each episode.

Also try: Other titles in the Best of Nick Jr Collection, such as Dora the Explorer and Wonder Pets.

(Disclaimer: All children are different, and you know best what yours can handle and will enjoy – please use your own discretion in picking shows for them to watch.)

Additional source: Common Sense Media

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