A glimpse into Brenda Mtambo’s friendship with Kelly Khumalo

9 October 2020

A glimpse into Brenda Mtambo’s friendship with Kelly Khumalo

Brenda and Kelly have established a great sisterhood that has seen them through the most challenging of times.

“Brenda is a very close friend of mine. Spiritually, we get each other, family-wise, we get each other, sisterhood-wise, we get each other. So she is a very significant part of my life,” says Kelly in her reality show Life With Kelly Khumalo.

Just like Wanda Baloyi, Brenda is more of a sister than a friend to Kelly. Apart from their musical connection, they are also connected spiritually and have guided each other onto the right paths to take when dealing with life’s challenges.

Here’s what Brenda had to say about her friendship with Kelly Khumalo.

What do you value most about your friendship with Kelly?

I value our sisterhood and the genuine love we share. I also value the advice she offers and just how she never judges an individual.

What has been the most valuable lesson or advice you’ve taken from Kelly?

She advises me to always stay on my course, to focus on my dreams and to never be shaken by external factors. She’s also encourages me to always be strong.

When Kelly told you she’d be shooting a reality show and that she wanted you to be a part of the journey, what was your initial reaction?

I was shocked because I am a very private person. I felt it was important for me to understand what my role is in the show. But in the same breath, I was also excited that people will now get a glimpse of our lives and see Kelly for who she really is.

Life With Kelly Khumalo has received an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers. What are you hoping South Africans will take from the reality show?

I’d like for viewers to realise that this is the era for black women. Black women are living full lives, going for their dreams, supporting and loving each other.

I also want people to witness Kelly in her element as a loving and present mother to her kids; a sister and friend who is hard-working; and a woman who gives her all in everything she does. I would love for the negative perception that people have of her to be erased through this show.

What was your favourite moment of the 13 episodes and why?

OMG! That’s a hard one, but if I had to choose it would be the kids’ christening. I loved seeing Kelly and the kids so happy and all dressed up. It was so cute.

Can you tell us about the funniest moment you and Kelly ever had as friends? Something that makes you crack up with laughter at the thought of it?

We went hiking and let me just say you wouldn’t want to see the video of us getting lost and laughing so hard at ourselves. It was hilarious!

For those who haven’t watched Life With Kelly Khumalo, what would you say to convince them to start watching?

Life With Kelly Khumalo is a beautiful, authentic show. Once you watch the first episode, trust me, you’ll be hooked.

All episodes of Life With Kelly Khumalo are available to stream on Showmax.

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