Adulting Season 2 episode 11: Taken

By Gen Terblanche13 February 2024

Adulting Season 2 episode 11: Taken

It’s give one, take one for our four gents ‒ Bonga (Thembinkosi Mthembu), Vuyani (Luthando ‘BU’ Mthembu), Mpho (Thabiso Rammusi) and Eric (Nhlanhla Kunene) ‒ in Adulting Season 2 episode 11. A kidnapper calls Eric to demand R200 000 to get his daughter back, Vuyani is back in bed with his abuser, and Mpho gets divorce papers but refuses to apologise, while Bonga makes an apology and proposes marriage. 

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What happened in Adulting Season 2 episode 10? 

Bonga got drunk and took out his issues on women before telling his ex, Nkanyezi (Londeka Sishi), that he loves her and passing out on her couch. Ncumisa (Siphesihle Khanyile) had Eric arrested for assault because he slapped her after catching her skipping school, and she insulted him to his face. Zithulele (Lungile Duma) packed her bags and left with the twins when she caught Mpho lying again and followed him to his mistress Palesa’s (Diddy Padi) place next door. Zelda (Obakeng Kgwedi) kicked Vuyani out of their flat over his infidelity, he lost his job at the gym, and he turned down his gym client Portia’s (Thembi Seete) offer to move to Cape Town with her. Homeless, jobless, and with his self-esteem crushed, Vuyani went back with his abusive ex-sugar mama Beth (Winnie Ntshaba), a powerful politician. 

And now, in Adulting episode 11… 

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Bonga opens the episode with an exercise in self-reflection, and he leaves Nkanyezi a voice message to sincerely apologise for his behaviour. He also lists his faults and asks Nkanyezi to take him back, despite them. He’s not expecting to get an immediate reply, let alone one that leaves him smiling! Later when Mpho asks Bonga why he’s so sure that Nkanyezi is the one, Bonga has a list, including her intelligence, compassion, shared goals, supportiveness, and the fact that her company motivates him. Watch Mpho’s face as he mentally checks off whether he and Zithulele can say the same. 

Bonga is serious about proposing … if, by serious, you mean plopping a ring box in front of her during a business call. But when he stops messing around and asks for real in the next breath, Nkanyezi says yes. 

A hole in the heart 

Adulting Season 2 is on Showmax

New “bachelor” Mpho puts on a front with the guys as he claims that his wife Zithulele should grow up if she thinks that he’s going to chase after her. Unimpressed, Bonga takes off Mpho’s wedding ring and announces that he’s going to propose to Nkanyezi with it. Later Mpho privately admits to Bonga that he’s struggling. He had a wife, kids and a home, and nothing can fill the hole they left.  

But when Zithulele comes home to give him divorce papers (in a scene that might prompt serious discussion around the economic realities involved in tolerating infidelity), he’s still unrepentant, unwilling to admit wrongdoing, and tries to call her selfish. Zithulele asks how he’ll feel when some man tries to treat his daughter the way that Mpho is treating her. Mpho responds by going to Palesa’s house, drunkenly blaming her for everything, accusing her of seducing and baby trapping him, crying, and whining – ignoring the fact that he demanded every single thing about their arrangement while ignoring her better judgement. Two women telling Mpho to get lost in one day is a new record, but guys, give it up for Mpho: he really worked for that gold medal. 

Mosquito bite 

Adulting Season 2 is on Showmax

Eric has hit his limit with Ncumisa. She keeps breaking the rules, rubbing his nose in his own failures, insulting both him and MaGetty (Nandi Nyembe), and pushing back against them. There’s precious little good behaviour to reward, and a lot of lies.  

When Eric’s new client at the garage, Mapaseka (Gaisang Noge), reveals that she’s a child psychiatrist, Eric spills out his problem and Mapaseka suggests bringing her in for evaluation. But they’ll have to find her first! MaGetty gets a furious call from the Eastern Cape to tell her that Ncumisa isn’t with them. Then Eric gets a phone call from a man who claims to have kidnapped Ncumisa. He’s demanding R200 000 or he’ll kill her, and he’ll kill her if Eric goes to the police.  

Eric visits his former hijacking ring to ask them for money in exchange for him doing anything they want. But when Eric tries to steal five cars in one day in exchange for half the ransom money, he freezes on the job and winds up running to Bonga with the police on his tail.  

The guys unite and the loudest, most chaotic SEAL team ever hits the street to find Ncumisa … only to find out that she faked her own kidnapping! And after Eric fires his gun at one of the fake kidnappers, our four guys end the night in the back of a police van, accusations flying in one of their most bitter arguments ever. But in the midst of the chaos, Vuyani makes a call to Beth to save them.  

Who’s who in Adulting: the Big Four 

30 (ish), flirty and still raising hell, Adulting’s four big boys – Bonga, Eric, Vuyani and Mpho – have been inseparable since they were at university together.  

  • Thembinkosi Mthembu plays Bonga: The Alpha. Hot bod. Daddy issues. Single, rich, ambitious and catnip to women. Bonga is a construction and development project manager. 
  • Luthando ‘BU’ Mthembu plays Vuyani: Madlisa. Joker. Fashionista. The former escort is back on the game, using his money from “personal training sessions” to act like a sugar daddy to his girlfriend. 
  • Thabiso Rammusi plays Mpho: The Family Man and father to two young boys. Traditional husband. Mpho is an electrical engineer whose money stretches to comfort, but not luxury. And now he has a mistress and baby to support. 
  • Nhlanhla Kunene plays Eric: Gintsa. Loving dad. Great friend. Hair trigger temper. Now that he’s done his time for hijacking crimes, he’s determined to rebuild himself as a father. But when it comes to women, he can’t resist a baddie. 

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