Adulting S2 episode 4 recap: Double your trouble

By Gen Terblanche2 January 2024

Adulting S2 episode 4 recap: Double your trouble

Adulting Season 2 has our four gents ‒ Bonga (Thembinkosi Mthembu), Vuyani (Luthando ‘BU’ Mthembu), Mpho (Thabiso Rammusi) and Eric (Nhlanhla Kunene) ‒ back in the game. Episode 4 centres on Bonga’s clash with his dad, Mpho’s attempts to control two women with cash, and how money impacts Vuyani and Eric’s love struggles.  Watch Adulting S2 now, with new episodes every Monday. 

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What happened in Adulting S2 episode 3? 

Eric’s spicy new girlfriend Diminkys, aka Minki (Samkelo Ndlovu), cooked breakfast for him and his grandmother, MaGetty (Nandi Nyembe), walked around their house with no pants on, and got cheeky with the pastor (Gabriel Mini). Mpho was determined to tell his wife Zithulele (Lungile Duma) that he had a baby (Thingoentle Ndlovu) with his mistress, Palesa (Diddy Padi), but couldn’t find the right time. Bonga took Mpho on as a contractor so he could earn money for his second family. Vuyani treated his law student girlfriend, Zelda (Obakeng Kgwedi), like a princess, using money he earned from private “training” sessions with his thirsty client Portia (Thembi Seete). And Bonga’s 33rd birthday party was filled with chaos since his party crashers included his temperamental ex Botle (Nomalanga Shozi), and his deadbeat dad (Bongani Gumede), who announced that he has cancer. 

What’s yours is mine 

People really made themselves at home in the guys’ lives this episode! 

Minki cursed Eric for giving money back to a female client who’d paid him extra, claiming that he was ruining “their” business. Then she threw the food that she’d made him on the ground and drove off in his BMW with all the money he’d just earned.  

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At Bonga’s place, his dad continued throwing his weight around, while he and Bonga argued over his desire to treat his cancer through a traditional healer. Dad praised Bonga for lying to his mother about why they were hanging out, claiming that the deception proved that Bonga was a real man. But Bonga used the secret to leverage his dad into getting a second opinion from his own doctor, who gave father and son the devastating news that because Bonga’s father had delayed treatment, he was now dealing with stage four prostate cancer.  

Pushed to anger and honesty, Bonga’s dad dropped the bravado and gave him a full rundown of the bodily assault he was undergoing from his illness, and told Bonga that he wanted to die like a strong man, not a weak one, clinging to Bonga’s mother. So.. . clearly Bonga has a lot to unpack about how he defines masculinity himself, and how that’ll impact everything from his health outcomes to his ability to keep relationships. 

Spending power 

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Mpho started working for Bonga installing solar panels. But with enticing amounts of cash floating around his bank account, he blurred the lines between business and private money, paying off Zithulele’s car and boasting about how much he was making. He also threw money around Palesa’s life, upgrading her baby equipment and hiring her a nanny (Limakatso Masoeu) – without consulting her on any of her needs first.  

But Zithulele gave Mpho grey hairs when she revealed that she’s going to go on MacG’s podcast to talk about her empowering women’s book club. And when Palesa went out to do her own thing, leaving her daughter safe at home with her new nanny, Mpho confronted her about “whoring” – as if the contribution he made to his daughter’s upkeep gave him the right to dictate how Palesa lives her life. And after those accusations, he kissed her, and the two jumped back into bed together. As Eric suspected, Mpho really is a secret polygamist! 

Expensive tastes 

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Vuyani had just finished treating his client Portia to a naked “workout” session when her husband arrived home unexpectedly. Despite Vuyani acting like a dog who’d messed on the carpet, hubby didn’t seem to suspect a thing, even after Portia gave him a sweaty hug. 

Back home, Vuyani and Zelda confessed their love to one another. But she revealed that a happy life for her would mean becoming a partner at her legal firm and making millions. And when he explained that to him, that would mean raising a family together, and he hinted at the possibility of marriage, Zelda told him that they needed to be financially secure first, and have a big, fancy house.  

Vuyani was crushed, as Zelda’s words confirmed what Vuyani is constantly being told behind the scenes by his friends and his father that he’ll only be able to keep a woman like Zelda until a “real” man with money comes along and decides that he wants Zelda for himself.  

Disaster mismanagement 

Adulting S2 is on Showmax

When Minki still hadn’t returned Eric’s car a day later, he and Mpho went to the police station to report it stolen, provoking hilarity from the not-at-all-helpful desk officers, who knew Eric from back in the day when he was the one stealing cars.  

Eric was taking out his frustration on his punching bag at home when MaGetty tried to talk to him and he let slip that Minki taking his car was not the real issue – it was the sense of worthlessness she created when she turned her back on him and left him. Losing his grip, Eric tracked down Minki and dragged her back to his place like a caveman. 

Who’s who in Adulting: the Big Four 

Thirty, flirty and still raising hell, Adulting’s four big boys – Bonga, Eric, Vuyani and Mpho – have been inseparable since they were at university together.  

  • Thembinkosi Mthembu plays Bonga: The Alpha. Hot bod. Daddy issues. Single, rich, ambitious and catnip to women. Bonga is a construction and development project manager. 
  • Luthando ‘BU’ Mthembu plays Vuyani: Madlisa. Joker. Fashionista. The former escort seems to have found his niche – and his financial independence – as a personal trainer…until temptation makes him sweat. 
  • Thabiso Rammusi plays Mpho: The Family Man and father to two young boys. Traditional husband. Reformed cheater, or so he claims. Mpho is an electrical engineer and salary man whose money stretches to comfort, but not luxury. 
  • Nhlanhla Kunene plays Eric: Gintsa. Loving dad. Great friend. Hair trigger temper. Now that he’s done his time for hijacking crimes, he’s determined to rebuild himself. But when it comes to women, he can’t resist a baddie. 

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