All 13 episodes of County 49 now available to binge on Showmax

17 November 2022

All 13 episodes of County 49 now available to binge on Showmax

It started with the swearing in of a new female governor and ended with a funeral ceremony but has Bwatele County finally found its saviour and at what price? The only way to find out: all 13 episodes of County 49 are now available to binge watch on Showmax.

The Kenyan political thriller series has delivered a season full of twists, traitors that no one saw coming, unexpected alliances, secret love affairs, history lessons and troubled pasts that find their way into the present, shocking deaths, bomb threats, and one man’s resolve to save Bwatele from the repercussions of it all.

It’s been a good run for County 49 which broke the record for the most first-day views on Showmax in Kenya when it debuted on 25 August, claiming the spot previously held by The Real Housewives of Lagos. The show has also remained in the top 10 most-watched titles on Showmax during its thirteen-week run.

Recently, County 49 was also nominated for five awards at the Kalasha Awards 2022 – Best TV Drama, Best Lead Actor in a TV Drama (for Peter Kawa), Best Supporting Actress (for Nyokabi Macharia), Best Supporting Actor (for James Webbo) and Best Viewers’ Choice (TV Drama).

For the show’s actors like Kawa, County 49 has been an unforgettable experience. This was Kawa’s first TV lead role, even with an acting career spanning over 10 years.

Peter Kawa as Malik Maka

When the show kicks off, Kawa’s Malik is nothing more than a disgraced officer, the consequences of his involvement with the now deposed corrupt governor Okusimba (Ainea Ojiambo).

In only 24 hours, Malik’s wife and son are taken hostage (twice), he loses his mother, he’s hunted, shot at and declared a villain then a hero then a villain and a hero again – the perks of having a hero complex, as we have seen Malik constantly reminded by those around him.

Kawa described his character Malik as a man who is looking for redemption, and the only way to earn it is to save the world around him.

“He has a close family – his wife and son – that he wants to take care of. That’s the world around him that he wants to save. But he always wants to push himself the extra mile to save the next person – his neighbour, the constituents (of Bwatele) and even the entire government,” Kawa said.

Wakio Mzenge as Governor Nerimah Mkung

In the final episode titled ‘Dying For Freedom’, Malik once again fights to save Bwatele from its biggest threat yet as Okusimba delivers his one last big act of vengeance. 

Following its finale, County 49 will be replaced by Pepeta, the new Showmax Original crime drama that premieres on Thursday 24 November 2022.

Binge-watch all 13 episodes of County 49 on Showmax.

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