Bae Beyond Borders Season 1 episode 5 recap: Vuvu and Eric hit it off

By Zimkitha21 November 2023

Bae Beyond Borders Season 1 episode 5 recap: Vuvu and Eric hit it off

It’s been a couple of weeks since the ladies jetted off to Nigeria to meet their potential baes. A lot has happened since then, with Zezethu first hitting it off with Kingsly and later choosing to pursue Peter instead. The other ladies haven’t really locked anyone in, but it looks like that’s about to change, especially for Vuvu. That’s if her date with Eric is anything to go by.  

Eric was a lucky guy this week as Nande and Vuvu chose him as one of their dates. While he honoured both dates, his heart led him to Vuvu. If you’re wondering how both dates went down in Bae Beyond Borders, we’ve got you covered.  

Is Eric in it for the right reasons? 

Upon hearing that Nande had picked him, he said: “With Nande, we haven’t really spoken a lot. That’s something I’m looking forward to. To know how much of her company I enjoy.”  

When they got to their date, Nande wanted to get a few things off her chest. She told Eric about how the ladies feel about him being on the show. “The other ladies feel like you’re not here for genuine love. You’re not really looking for love.” Nande then asked for clarity. Eric responded: “Like I said before, I’m here for a couple of things. And if I see what I am looking for I would definitely go for it.”  

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He elaborated and mentioned respect. “A person who is going to pick me over and over again. Just be there for me and show me that you care.” He feels that people make a lot of assumptions about him. “All those things are stressful. I don’t like stress. I just like the soft-boy life.”  

While the conversation was flowing, the date was more about closure than a romantic connection. Although Nande was in Eric’s top two, they just couldn’t take things to the next level. “Eric is throwing his charm around, but his charm is landing on a stumbling block,” Nande said after their date.  

Where have you been all my life?  

Meanwhile, Eric had a different experience with Vuvu, and it looks like this could turn into something meaningful. During their date, Vuvu wasn’t afraid to open up to Eric about her fears. She told him she finds it hard to let people in and trust them. “Would it be a safe space for me? Because I really try to guard my heart,” Vuvu said.  

She told him guys his age tend to be immature. She said she picked him because she enjoyed his conversation. “I like how you look. You complement me.” However, she did mention that she’s not sure if they want the same thing.  

Eric, on the other hand, feels like this could become something special. “I see myself with you in the sense that we could come from like… We have good conversations. Like, from the first day. I feel like when I’m with you, I don’t have to force things to come out. Like, it’s fun talking to you.” 

Vuvu was over the moon after hearing this and remarked: “Where has this been this whole time?”  

Can we start getting excited about this potential relationship? Only time will tell. You can watch new episodes of Bae Beyond Borders every Monday on Showmax.  

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