BBNaija: All Stars – 8 major highlights in the House this week
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11 August 2023

BBNaija: All Stars – 8 major highlights in the House this week

It’s week three in the BBNaija All Stars house and the drama has been unending.

Over the past few days, we have witnessed a breakdown in the house wager task, Biggie’s spying parrot exposing some hidden truths, food wars between housemates, amongst other things.

Here are 8 major highlights from the BBNaija All Stars house this week.

1. Ike becomes Head of House

The HoH challenge this week saw Ike emerge victorious after a rigorous puzzle task. Per usual, the win came with immunity, access to the HoH lounge, and a chance to select four BFFs to share the lounge with. For this, Ike chose Venita, CeeC, Mercy, and Seyi.

2. The hunt for the Black Envelope goes sideways

The Black Envelope challenge this week came with a surprise. Seyi emerged as the only housemate to find a black envelope. However rather than the usual immunity or “better luck next time” which the card in the envelope would typically contain, Seyi’s “lucky” find granted him unrestricted access to the HoH gym.

3. Frodd gets immunity for the week

This week’s Pardon Me Please recipient was Frodd after receiving immunity votes from Angel, Seyi, Ike, and Mercy.

4. Kiddwaya negotiates with the Housemates to get a pardon

Kiddwaya has been very clear about the fact that this time in Biggie’s house, he’s all about the game. He proved this during the week’s Pardon Me Please after attempting to negotiate a pardon from the housemates.

Kiddwaya’s tactic was to make certain exchanges with the housemates in order to get a pardon including promising to act in Pere’s next movie for free, organize a family package for Seyi in Eko hotel as well as dash 100 Monie Points to Frodd. But none of the bargains resulted in a pardon.

Dem don run Kiddwaya street!

5. Uriel butts heads with Venita and Angel

Some would argue that Uriel has been bottling up her displeasure over certain matters. Things came to a head after she was told that she couldn’t audition for the role of queen in their film production for the house wager task presentation. Uriel quickly surmised that she was being intimidated and lost her cool getting into a full-on shouting match with Angel and Venita.

6. Biggie’s parrot exposes hidden truths

By 5pm on Thursday, while the housemates were in the middle of filming their wager task presentation, Biggie’s spying parrot dropped a little gossip.

Biggie’s parrot repeated Seyi’s remarks regarding Doyin and Ilebaye – he had called Doyin an instigator and a tormentor and also referred to her as a dirty and stinking girl whose parents failed to raise her. Biggie’s parrot also repeated Doyin’s conversation with Ilebaye during which she called Kiddwaya a “fat idiot.”

This parrot is parroting!

7. Housemates clash during rehearsals

This week’s wager task in the BBNaija All Stars house has been nothing short of chaotic as there’s been one quarrel after the other.

First, Venita and Pere got into an argument over accessories, then another argument broke out between Angel and CeeC, and then the housemates all but fired Pere and CeeC as directors.

Wahalur pro max!

8. Adekunle and Neo clash over booze

With the wager task almost due for presentation, HoH Ike declared that the housemates should exercise restraint in their alcohol consumption so they could remain clear-headed enough to complete their tasks. Based on this, Ike gave Adekunle some alcohol to hide. However, Neo spotted this bottle and decided that he wanted the alcohol for himself and so trouble began.

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