The Real Housewives of Abuja episode 1 recap: Fight, Bond girl party and making it in Abuja

17 February 2023

The Real Housewives of Abuja episode 1 recap: Fight, Bond girl party and making it in Abuja

The Real Housewives of Abuja episode 1 is finally here, and the drama is too much for us to handle. Didn’t they say Abuja people are chill? The drama here is plenty! There is a fight from the first episode involving someone’s mother, but before we get to that, let’s tell you what these women are bringing to you. They are giving fashion, soft-life and a few lessons about making it in Abuja.

Here are the juiciest moments from the first episode.

Tutupie is the ultimate Abuja babe

You know a Lagos babe by their admiration for pasta. For Abuja babes, Tutupie is the formula: Be wealthy and luxurious, but ultimately, be about the soft life. 

“I am a chill person,” she tells us.  “You are never going to catch me saying, ‘oh, I’m stressed out.’ I’m brought to this life to chill.”

Me too, girl. Me too!

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Samantha’s pink Bond-themed mysterious party

The main event in this first episode is Samantha’s mysterious party with giant posters of her pictures outside the hall. The theme says Bond girl but the decoration is Barbie-like and pink. Hmm.

“I walk in and it is all pinky, nothing to do with Bond, but okay girl!” Tutupie observes. If you think that’s a shade, wait for Arafat’s comment. “[I] burst into the hall and I’m like, ‘wow! The décor is amazing … for a three-year-old Barbie-girl birthday party.’”

The shades didn’t stop there, but you gotta watch the episode to see the drama the housewives unleashed at the party on The Real Housewives of Abuja.

Tutupie and Samantha give us the Abuja update

Everyone knows the Buj is Nigeria’s Canaan, a city flowing with money and power. Getting the proper connection can make one for life, but how does one get that connection?

“To make it in Abuja, I think you need to have the right plug,” Tutupie advises. “You need to have one of them people that will put you on.” Samantha offers us more insight. “Anyone can make it here,” she proclaims. “To break into the Abuja elite circle, you have to be hard-working … and those who are smart simply marry the rich. Go figure.”

If someone should know, it is Samantha. Where she comes from, money isn’t a problem and is never in short supply.

Arafat is our residential Jesus girl

Yes, she likes to party and teaches pole dancing, but baby girl is for Jesus. “As much as I love to party, I’m also a Jesus girl,” she tells us. “And I don’t see anything wrong in being a Jesus girl and partying. I am all about balance; I balance the two.”

For her, pole dancing is all about empowering the girls. She wants to help women feel great about themselves, help them get their sexy back! “I love how the women feel when I have helped them.”

PS: She wants you guys to know pole dancing isn’t the same as being a stripper. All episodes of The Real Housewives of Abuja are streaming on Showmax.

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