BBNaija All Stars: Eviction train takes Sholzy, Whitemoney, Neoenergy, and Alex home
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18 September 2023

BBNaija All Stars: Eviction train takes Sholzy, Whitemoney, Neoenergy, and Alex home

For the first time in the BBNaija All Stars season, three housemates – Alex, Whitemoney, Neoenergy, plus houseguest Sholzy – got booted out of the house.

Here’s all that went down during this week’s Sunday live eviction show.

Ebuka chats with the housemates

Ebuka started the show by first congratulating Cross on winning the Head of House (HoH) and being the first All Stars housemate to make it to the finale.

He then asked about his time as the HoH, as more fights occurred during his reign and the House also lost their wager. Cross replied that leading the house was tough for him and that he tried his best to “control them,” but his best was not good enough.

“At the end of the day they enjoyed the game, it’s just that we didn’t win, but it is what it is,” he stated.

Moving on to Venita, Ebuka asked about what had broken the sisterhood between herself and Mercy Eke, to which Venita said she realized that some of the things that Mercy had told her were not true, and there is now mistrust.

“I don’t really have much to say to her when it comes to my mind, or my heart currently, I would like the game to conclude before that happens,” she concluded.

Sholzy goes home

Sholzy was the second housemate to be evicted.

Ebuka asked about his altercation with Cross, to which Sholzy replied saying that it was just a misunderstanding between boys.

Neoenergy says goodbye

On stage, Ebuka questioned Neoenergy about his ‘situationship’ with ex-housemate Tolanibaj, and Neoenergy stated that they are not romantically involved.


Ebuka then addressed Ilebaye about how every housemate claims she intentionally goads people in the house, but she maintained she does not, stating that the housemates don’t understand her.

“I’ve realized my mistakes and I’m beginning to work on myself not to like intentionally hurt people, but I’m not doing that on purpose,” she added.

Ebuka ended his discussion with the housemates by shattering a table – calling Angel out for writing the infamous letter to Adekunle. He questioned why she had not come out to admit to being the mastermind behind it. Angel responded saying, that she reconsidered admitting to Adekunle after hearing him threaten to “punch” whoever wrote the letter.

Whitemoney gets evicted

Whitemoney was the first Housemate to be kicked out, and he joined Ebuka on stage to talk about his time in the house.

Referring to how Whitemoney had earlier called Mercy Eke his sister, and a moment in the house when they locked lips, Ebuka asked what was going on between the pair.

“My broda na confused emotion, but I like her,” Whitemoney responded.

Ebuka then asked whether he wanted to pursue things with Mercy when she leaves the house, and Whitemoney said, “she get boyfriend for outside oh, but we will fight it out.”

Ebuka also asked how his season went, and Whitemoney said that his season was amazing, adding that the eviction did not surprise him because he had ‘dreamt’ about it.

“I came, I saw, I conquered, I won the show, not the money,” he said.

Alex exits the building

Following her eviction, Alex joined Ebuka on stage and he asked about her fight with Pere, and Alex replied that it was “irrelevant”. Ebuka probed further saying it did not feel irrelevant because it went on for four weeks.

“My spirit just doesn’t accept him, he has so much bad energy, I don’t like it,” Alex explained.

Surprisingly, Alex then openly declared “some people are sitting in that house because I stood, and I made sure that Cross got my spot in the finals.”

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