BBNaija Season 7 week 10: Chichi in trouble as Phyna confronts her over Groovy

30 September 2022

BBNaija Season 7 week 10: Chichi in trouble as Phyna confronts her over Groovy

With just a few days to the end of the BBNaija Level Up season, we’ve seen some unexpected friendships blossom, while some other housemates have been pushed into isolation.

Here are the highlights of what went down in the final week of the BBNaija Level Up season.

Chizzy becomes the last Head of House for the Level Up season

After an intense Head of House (HoH) challenge that involved speed and brains, rider Chizzy won HoH for the final week of the Level Up season.

The win came with access to the HoH lounge, and Chizzy chose fellow rider Rachel as his deputy.

Sismance in the mud?

This week saw a test of one of the major sismances of the season – Phyna and Chichi.

Trouble started when Rachel, who clearly still has beef with Chichi, told Phyna and Bella that Chichi likes Groovy. She further stated that she didn’t think Deji was really into her.

Later on, Phyna confronted Chichi about it, stating that she doesn’t understand why she (Chichi) likes Groovy and even asked why Chichi helped Groovy in folding his clothes and did not help her.
Chichi immediately defended herself by saying she always helped everyone.

Phyna also brought up the nominations, as she had heard that it was Chichi who always nominated her back when they were in different levels. Chichi then responded by saying everyone in former Level 1 saw Phyna as a threat back then.

Ending the conversation, Chichi admitted that she had liked Groovy before, and it wasn’t a secret. She then reminded Phyna that it was Phyna that told her Groovy was involved with Beauty, making her back off.

The ladies however tried to resolve their differences. All’s well that ends well.

Biggie gives the housemates a treat

It was enjoyment upon enjoyment for the housemates, as they had an intimate dinner followed by a Showmax movie/game night on Monday.

Biggie planned a finale dinner for the housemates, and at the dinner table, each finalist shared why they are grateful to still be in the house. As Adekunle and Bryann fought tears, Rachel and Phyna let it all go.

Brewing friendships

The aftermath of the last Sunday eviction show saw an unlikely friendship form between Bella and Phyna. Given that their men both left, we saw the ladies gravitate toward each other.

We also saw a stronger bond grow between Daniella, Bryann, and Adekunle, while Chichi was plunged into isolation.

The foundation of Bella and Phyna’s friendship was built on Chichi. Phyna shared that Chichi made moves on Groovy, and Bella also shared that she doesn’t like Chichi’s attitude, as she behaved as though people were always against her.

Daniella, Bryann, and Adekunle, on the other hand, bonded over gist about ships in the house, with the guys sharing their thoughts on “Shella.” Adekunle felt it wasn’t genuine while Bryann thought it was since they started very early.

We never hesperedit.

Rachel vs Phyna

In a conversation with the other housemates, Phyna recalled memories of the time spent in lockdown. The topic became a trigger for Rachel as she kept yelling at Phyna to end the discussion.

This outburst left Phyna confused as she could not understand why Rachel told her to stop, leading to an intense argument. Bryann and Adekunle were also confused as they tried to decipher what exactly triggered Rachel’s outburst.

Rider work no easy.

Follow the BBNaija drama 24/7 on Showmax, and watch the finale live this Sunday October 2.

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