Birds of a feather flock together on The Queen

By Michelle Edwards6 June 2019

Birds of a feather flock together on The Queen

The Khoza boys couldn’t stand living under the same roof when telenovela The Queen started in 2016 (binge from episode 1 on Showmax and catch new episodes every weekday express from Mzansi Magic). Sure, they’d tolerate each other at the dinner table to keep the peace, but they’re like night and day.

Update: Fans just couldn’t deal with Shaka’s shocking death! The character was killed in a tragic chain of events. Read all about it here » But then the plot got even more shocking and Shaka came back from the dead!

Aggressive thug Shaka (Sthembiso SK Khoza) would rather be controlling the streets, setting up channels for his family’s drug empire. Homebody ex-army pilot Kagiso (Loyiso MacDonald) prefers to veg in the lounge watching sport on the telly. What irritates Shaka most is that when his older brother Kagiso returned from his army missions in the DRC, he wanted to call the shots because of seniority.

“I don’t even recognise you as a member of this family,” says Shaka bluntly in Season 1 episode 5, reminding his brother that he ran away because he didn’t get on with their dad Mzi (Treasure Tshabalala), who is assassinated in episode 1. Shaka has put in the effort as part of the family enterprise and would rather force Kagiso back on a plane to the DRC forever.

But while they have different personalities, Shaka and Kagiso are almost identical when it comes to romance. They both fight for love and they both choose their partners over their family every time. They don’t realise it, but they’d both put their lives at stake for the women they love. Not that their romances have been plain sailing…

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First love

While grieving for Mzi in Season 1, Kagiso falls for outspoken Amo (Natasha Thahane), unaware that her brother is the hitman hired to kill Mzi by Khoza matriarch Harriet (Connie Ferguson).

Plus, Amo’s cop dad Detective Jerry Maake (Shona Ferguson, Connie’s real-life hubby) is investigating the Khoza family’s drug business. While their relationship ultimately fails, Kagiso is willing to disown his family for her.

Falling for the same woman

The brothers are on decent terms by Season 2, but then in waltzes feisty Goodness (Zenande Mfenyana) to cause a rift. She wants vengeance on the Khozas for murdering her father offscreen years earlier and is willing to use her womanly wiles on the boys.

By the time Shaka slips an engagement ring on her finger, she’s ready to seduce Kagiso and shack up with him. How’s that for brotherly love and sibling rivalry?

Almost doesn’t count

Shaka makes a promise to his babymama Linda (Celeste Khumalo) during Season 2 that he’ll leave his playboy lifestyle in the past and live a clean, honest life after they exchange vows at the altar.

But this is a soapie – there’s no wedding without drama… and gunfire. Linda is gunned down in front of the wedding guests. Maybe Shaka should’ve listened when his mom Harriet warned him about “that girl”. When Harriet becomes suspicious of someone, she’s right – and we all know that she’s not above murder. Remember Mzi?

Anything for family

Harriet also steps in when Kagiso plans to marry Kamina (Michelle Mosalakae). But this time it’s Harriet pulling the trigger herself, which causes a divide between her and Kagiso, who refuses to accept that Kamina is working with their family nemesis, Diamond (Zolisa Xaluva).

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