Bonang talks about her bubbly baby

2 August 2019

Bonang talks about her bubbly baby

Bonang Matheba has a long list of achievements attached to her name; from being the Global Brand Ambassador for Revlon to scooping countless awards for the work she’s done in her 15-year career. And, of course, she is the star of three seasons of her own reality show, Being Bonang.

So we can only imagine how difficult it is for her mother to pin-point which of her daughter’s achievements she’s most proud of, but, according to Bonang, her mother is exceptionally impressed by the launch of her sparkling wine brand, House of BNG.


“My mother is very proud of the launch of House of BNG especially because the launch solidified me as a brand, an entrepreneur and a woman who breaks borders and doesn’t have limitations. The House of BNG was my baby; it was birthed and created by me, and it’s a brand that I absolutely love and am super-proud of, and so is my mother. She tells me she gets a lot of good feedback about the product, so yeah, definitely The House of BNG.”

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