Born Into Fame episode 1 recap: What living with a famous parent looks like

By Zimkitha2 July 2024

Born Into Fame episode 1 recap: What living with a famous parent looks like

While most of us might never know the ins and outs of having a famous parent, we at least get to experience a glimpse of it through the lives of the cast of Showmax’s reality series Born into Fame. The recently launched show features Robbie Malinga junior, Shamiso Mosaka, Phila Madlingozi, Owami Mafokate, AJ Mafokate and Tank. They all have one thing in common: being born into fame.

So, what does this mean or look like? On the first episode of the new show, viewers were introduced to the cast members and got to understand how some of them view having a famous mother or father.

Shamiso and Phila navigating their own paths

Shamiso in Born Into Fame S1 on Showmax

Shamiso, the daughter of seasoned South African TV and radio broadcaster Azania Mosaka, shared: “Being born into fame I’d say was quite normal for me.” She said people thought she would ruin her mother’s image because of her different their brands are. “My mom is very private, so I do think it was a thing of like, ‘oh my goodness. Azania’s good legacy gone to shame’.”

Shamiso doesn’t feel like she’s continuing her mother’s legacy, but she’s carving her own path. “That’s never been a goal of mine and I don’t think it’s ever been a goal of my mom’s. I genuinely think that I’ve stopped going against the grain.”

Just like Shamiso, Phila understands that he isn’t his father, multi-award winning singer Ringo Madlingozi. “Being born into this fame thing is just pressure. You don’t want this life. It’s a punishment, actually, and I’m not Ringo.”

He let viewers in on his relationship with his famous dad and explained: “My dad has always been a superstar so that’s all I know. I didn’t feel I was born into fame as much because I saw my dad as much as his fans saw him, like when he was in town.”

Phila, who was raised by his grandmother, added: “Like, he didn’t come every day… If he had a show in town, he’d come through. If it was my birthday, he’d come through.”

Robbie Junior reflects on his father’s legacy and fame

Robbie Maliga Jr in Born Into Fame now streaming on Showmax

For Robbie Junior, fame means having people wanting your attention in public. “Everyone knows you, it’s crazy. Maybe I’m not even trying to socialise with anybody but they’re trying to socialise with me.” His father was the legendary musician and producer, Robbie Malinga, who passed away a few years ago.

Robbie Junior shared that he was close to his father. “I think that’s why he named me Robbie, maybe he knew that I’d be him. Most of the things people see, how I move, that was my dad behind closed doors.” He said he admired his dad’s lifestyle and wanted to be like him. “He had a certain warmth and love that I don’t think is even replaceable,” he said.

New episodes of Born into Fame air every Tuesday on Showmax.