Celebrating 20 years of The Sopranos

10 January 2019

Celebrating 20 years of The Sopranos

In its eight years on the air, HBO’s The Sopranos, about New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano (played by the late James Gandolfini), redefined what television drama could be.

As the New York Times writes, “By the time the writer and producer David Chase brought The Sopranos to a close on June 10, 2007, he had helped establish HBO as a cultural force and make literary symbolism, cinematic style, long-form storytelling and complicated antiheroes the norm for high-end TV dramas.”

Today, 20 years after its premiere, and 13 after its finale, fans continue to debate what the show’s ending meant: “Humming Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ is all it takes in certain circles to trigger a cascade of ferocious arguments over the show’s anti-ending,” says Vanity Fair.

The Writers Guild of America named The Sopranos “the best-written television series of all time”, and it won a whopping 21 Emmy Awards. So if you’ve never watched The Sopranos, you’re missing out on one of the most influential stream TV series every made.

You can remedy that right now by streaming every episode of the groundbreaking series on Showmax.

And if you’ve already seen it, and don’t have the 86 hours on your hands required to relive every moment, these are some of the best episodes to rewatch, according to the New York Times.

Season 1, episode 1: Pilot/The Sopranos

The Sopranos pilot on Showmax

Season 1, episode 5: College

The Sopranos S1 e5 on Showmax

Season 2, episode 12: The Knight in White Satin Armor

The Sopranos S2 e12 on Showmax

Season 3, episode 4: Employee of the Month

The Sopranos S3 episode 4 on Showmax

Season 3, episode 6: University

The Sopranos S3 e6 on Showmax

Season 3, episode 11: Pine Barrens

The Sopranos S3 e11 on Showmax

Season 5, episode 12: Long Term Parking

The Sopranos S5 e12 on Showmax

Season 6: episode 21: Made In America

The Sopranos S6 finale on Showmax

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