10 October 2019

Chappaquiddick (2018)

The Kennedys have long been dogged by tragedy and scandal: the assassinations of brother John F and Bobby Kennedy, and the tragic early death of John F Kennedy Jr. But there’s another Kennedy story that’s less well known, especially outside the US. In 1969, Senator Ted Kennedy, the third brother, was involved in a car accident on Chappaquidick Island that killed political campaign worker Mary Jo Kopechne. This film tells the story of how Ted Kennedy attempted to cover up the incident and avoid responsibility for his actions.

Kennedy is played by Jason Clarke (The Man with the Iron Heart), while Mary Jo is played by Kate Mara (Transcendence). Ed Helms (Tag) takes on a more serious role than we’re used to as Kennedy’s cousin, Joe Gargan. The film scored 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, who said: “Chappaquidick can’t help leaving some of this true story’s most intriguing questions unanswered, but it’s bolstered by outstanding work from Jason Clarke in the central role.”

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