Coming soon – Binge Die Boekklub on Showmax

27 March 2017

Coming soon – Binge Die Boekklub on Showmax

There are stories that you want to experience and process slowly, chapter by chapter, and others that you want to devour in one go because you MUST know what happens next. What type of story is kykNET’s hit series Die Boekklub?

With Showmax, you can decide for yourself: all 13 episodes of Die Boekklub are available from 03 April to subscribers, so you can watch the whole series in one binge session, or limit yourself to one episode per day, so the joy lasts for almost two weeks!

Die Boekklub is one of the most popular drama series ever on kykNET, with characters that stole viewers’ hearts, and storylines that fascinated everyone until the last moment. The cast includes big names like Jana Cilliers, June van Merch and Armand Aucamp. The story may be set in a small town, but it tackles big themes.

Unashamed hipster Tom travels to Merweville for his grandmother’s funeral. He has to stay in this one-horse town against his wishes and then, against the backdrop of Ouma’s book club, becomes involved in the trials and tribulations of the local community, learning more about each person’s story.

The second season of Die Boekklub will be on kykNET later this year, so make sure you’re up to date. Go to for a free trial – we bet you won’t be able to stop after the first episode!

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