Date My Family Nigeria: “My brother likes chubby girls with straight legs”

16 March 2020

Date My Family Nigeria: “My brother likes chubby girls with straight legs”

Imagine this: you are a slim, attractive babe with curved legs, but your date’s family says he prefers chubby girls with straight legs. The date has ended, ba?

Well, that’s the case with our bachelorette on this episode of Date My Family Nigeria. Debby Moses is a 22-year-old film producer who does not mind kissing on the first date.

After meeting the family of her first prospect, things went further downhill for her. Her second family visit at Ibrahim’s was a mess thanks to Ibrahim’s friend, Segun, who frustrated Debby with his ethnic bias.

Her final home visit, with the family of John Eloka, might just be what the doctor prescribed. John is a 27-year-old creative artist who’s “very responsible and takes care of his women.” His spec is a “figure-eight, sexy girl,” which accurately describes Debby. He is also her type: cute and bearded. But you know how fine men come with baggage.

According to John’s brother, Debby “should be ready to fight with numerous girls because he is supremely cute”. This makes her uneasy because it paints a picture of a womaniser. Will Debby still pick him, or will she go for her other options? Well, find out on Date My Family Nigeria on Showmax.

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