Date My Family Nigeria: “Why would you serve a lady Eba on the first date?”

2 March 2020

Date My Family Nigeria: “Why would you serve a lady Eba on the first date?”

Seriously, who serves Eba for dinner on a first date? Some Naija men no dey try!

This episode of Date My Family Nigeria features Sonia, a 25-year-old beautician and reigning beauty queen. Her first date is Rome, a 34-year-old social worker and masseuse, and he’s serving Eba for dinner. Eba … for a beauty queen!

“Who does this? Why would you serve a lady Eba on the first date?” a baffled Sonia asks. “I don’t understand, can’t they see my figure? Are they trying to ruin it for me?”

Rome’s family worsen issues by bringing up ethnic stereotypes. When Sonia mentioned she’s the Ada of her family, Rome’s friend, Franklin, got worried. “It’s just that these Igbo people have these customs and traditions about their first daughter,” he says. “They are always practical about their bride price—they always inflate it when it comes to their Ada.”

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If you thought Sonia’s night was going to get better, you might be in for a shock. At her second dinner at the Wilson’s, she faced some of the stereotypes surrounding beauty queens. “Ewo! A model and a beauty Queen, my brother don enter,” Coco, Wilson’s sister, says. When Sonia asks if there’s a problem, Coco replies, “yes oo, because you will be following men and men too will be following you like mosquitoes.”

Will she pick Wilson or Rome, or will she be charmed by her last suitor, Selchan—a sweet guy who has a way with words and wants to build an orphanage for kids?

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