Die Spreeus episode 10: Haunted house

14 June 2019

Die Spreeus episode 10: Haunted house

NB! This is part 1 of a two-episode storyline. It’s up to you if you want to watch now and wait for part 2 on Monday 17 June or wait and binge them both in one sitting when it’s available here on streaming service Showmax.

“I’ve always been sceptical when it comes to the supernatural,” admits Tertius Kapp, the creator of thriller series Die Spreeus. That was until the 39-year-old had a spooky experience himself in 2004. “I worked on the De Familie Wagenaer stage play in the Western Cape and we performed it at an abandoned farmhouse. The other actors kept talking about strange things – like a pram moving on its own or a painting with handprints that appear and disappear,” reveals Tertius, who adds that at first he thought his colleagues were seeing things. “We realised that things were happening that we couldn’t explain.” That first-hand interaction got him thinking when he wrote Die Spreeus…

Experience creates the story

Tertius centred episodes 10 and 11 on a reality show being filmed in a haunted house. It’s almost like Big Brother (1999-current), with contestants living in a house filled with cameras tracking their every move. But they’re not alone.

“They get the feeling that something’s going on that they don’t know about. In some cases, it’s the producers messing with their heads to get a reaction on camera. But there’s something else, something that’s harassing the stars that they can’t explain.” So who you gonna call when there’s something strange in your neighbourhood? Spreeus paranormal investigators Bas and Beatrice (Chris Vorster and Monique Rockman), of course. And the pair quickly realise what they’re dealing with when they enter the house.

Lea Die Spreeus

Real vs Fake

Lea (Nicole Fortuin) is one of the stars in the house and she’s terrified by her interactions with whatever’s in there with them. There are strangle marks around her neck and she’s convinced that it’s either one of the other contestants who attacked her or a ghost that wants her out. “Lea has a connection to this building and the original owner, which is why she’s targeted more than the others,” explains Tertius. Exactly what that connection is will be revealed later, but what we can say is that Lea isn’t as innocent as she claims – watch out for the bloodied face of her fellow contestant Rencia (Mariechen Vosloo).

Beaten down

The ghost floating around with Bas and Beatrice isn’t the only drama in episode 10. Their boss, Brigadier Rosa (Sandi Schultz), hits rock bottom, warns Tertius. “Her addiction to gambling has cost her her home. She confides in Bas and he offers her his spare bedroom until she’s back on her feet.” The only thing that might be an issue is if Rosa is ready to share the house with the ghost of Bas’s dead son Dewald (Anderson White) who also lives there. “Rosa and Dewald may just meet,” teases Tertius.

Bas en Dewald Die Spreeus

Need to know!

Episodes 10 and 11 were filmed at an abandoned house in Stellenbosch, in the Western Cape. Besides looking the part physically, Tertius hints that the cast and crew never felt like they were alone while filming…

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