Die Spreeus episode 5: Peace at the pulpit

14 May 2019

Die Spreeus episode 5: Peace at the pulpit

NB! Before watching episode 5, get some background information on the Porter Street tale in part one of this two-episode story.

In Die Spreeus, Detectives Bas and Beatrice (Chris Vorster and Monique Rockman) from the Spreeus investigation unit have become quite the team, solving the supernatural possession case of Emmie and Petrus (episodes 1 and 2), as well as the strange events surrounding Tasneem the slave ghost and her pearl necklace (episode 3).

The cases have changed them as people too. Non-believer Beatrice now accepts that her mother Erica (Theresa Sedras) was right all along about the “unusual things” taking place around her before Erica was committed to a mental health facility. And while Beatrice is making peace with the fact that she has lived with blinkers on for years and that ghosts are real, super-secretive Bas is opening up more about what killed his wife Renske (Vicky Davis).

Double ghost trouble

While the detective duo are experiencing inner development, they can’t lose focus on their newest supernatural spooky case, which involves a man named Innes (De Klerk Oelofse), who was in a car crash in episode 4 – one of 19 similar accidents on the same stretch of road near Uniondale.

At the end of episode 4, Bas thought that he had met the ghost Maria (Rolanda Marais) who Innes claimed to have picked up on the side of the road. But that belief changes in episode 5 because Bas discovers that the blonde in his car wasn’t Maria, but rather Anita (Trix Vivier). Anita died in 1978 while she and her fiancé Frederick Wagenaar (Robin Smith) were driving to see her parents in nearby Klipplaat. Frederick survived and was heartbroken over Anita’s death.

Realising that they’re dealing with two ghosts now, Bas and Beatrice start a combined investigation to work out why these two womanly spectres can’t find peace in the afterlife. As Bas puts it: “If you know what someone wants, you can do anything with them.”

And that’s exactly what the two detectives do… give their ghosts what their hearts desire. We’re not going to spoil it for you, but those bells tolling aren’t calling the dead home – they’re calling people to a union of sorts…

Mirror games

Die Spreeus creator and writer Tertius Kapp says that Bas and Beatrice are going to exorcise the demons in their own lives as they continue with their supernatural cases.

“It will all come together by the end of the series. At this stage, viewers think that Bas is the more responsible of the two detectives and that he’s in control of his emotions. But that will turn around as the story develops and Beatrice will become the more reliable one.”

There’s a glimpse into Bas’s head at the end of episode 5 when he emotionally opens up and speaks about his wife. “I never believed this stuff [the supernatural] until Renske was gone,” says Bas, hinting that something from “the other side” may have played a role in her death.

Love & debt

With the two ghosts having been vanquished from the road and no longer hitching rides, Bas and Beatrice return to their headquarters. Beatrice confides in their boss Brigadier Rosa Scheffers (Sandi Schultz) that she saw another side of Bas during their time at Uniondale. “It’s weird. It’s as if he was happy for the first time. But the thing is, I never realised that he was unhappy,” says Beatrice.

Rosa tells Beatrice that Renske didn’t leave Bas as Beatrice has thought. She’s dead and Bas blames himself for that. Tertius adds that the truth about Renske’s death is going to shock viewers: “Everyone has secrets and Bas’s is weighing heavy on him.”

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